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Re: Jeff Hardy UK Tour Situation (Spoilers inside)

Originally Posted by shandcraig View Post
Yeah no kidding. His name just makes him look like a fool.Complaining yet he is apparently not a fan ?If i hated someone i wouldnt care if he was on the show or not. Plus he acts as if he doesn't watch wwe ? Says he will stop watching this company now and go watch wwe.If hes not watching wwe he clearly thinks it sucks but all of the sudden its ok to watch it now cus of something stupid like this. Plus like you said, we are made up of a small percent of internet trolls. Most people are not going to care. This guy is going to be watching these shows regardless.He might as well stop being such a bed wetter. If its a problem then stop watching right ? Simple
Originally Posted by straightedge891 View Post
This. He's one of a kind.

Why do you put so much emphasis on it being rubber? Kayfabe, it's real. And it's better than the excuse of a partially breakaway table.
78% of the people that watch Impact couldn't give 2 fucks about this. Simply because they don't give a shit about what's on dirt sheets.
And I love how you pulled some bank robber example from out of nowhere. It doesn't even tie up to the Hardy situation. Hardy not only missed half the build to AAO, but they were the last two episodes. This year, he'll at least be at the last two, and I subject that tna puts on some video or something in the UK episodes.
This is the TNA Section. WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT PUNK? And it's different because Hardy doesn't have a lazy looking flabby gut like Punk's anymore.
I never said that it wasn't a big deal. Just piinting out the fact that last years actually looked as if they found out a hardy fcouldnt go 5 minutes before they went.

You're pretty much speaking a different language than me and mentioned Tony for no damn reason. And as I said before, this is champ takes off season #48.
I get you're gimmick. You hate Jeff Hardy. But stop complaining about this as I'd you're his biggest fan. It's very confusing.

First of all, I have more rep than both of you in half of the posts. Therefore, by the beliefs of the collective community, I am a far better poster than both of you combined. I am not a fool, my grammar and spelling is very good unlike the both of you.

I'm not complaining as if I'm his biggest fan, I've talked plenty of shit about him here, I could go on and on about how terrible he is but I've tried my best to refrain from that because it's not the point. The point is that they could have Hulk Hogan in his prime, or The Rock, or Steve Austin, or anybody else who I consider the greatest of all time in this spot, and this would still be unacceptable. The fact is that they put the title on a guy who is known not to be fully reliable, he is a convicted felon who has shown up to shows intoxicated, and he has caused lawsuits against his company due to being intoxicated during both of his matches.

The bank robber thing was a metaphor, I understand you probably don't know what this is because your teachers are probably still explaining these things to you in whatever ELD classes you are in, but it's a comparison to show that even if this wasn't as bad as last year, it's still pretty damn bad.

Where the hell do you get 78%? Let me guess, you pulled it straight out your ass, right? The votes in this poll say that over 80% of people DO care, meaning that 20% don't.

I don't care that Hardy isn't on the show. I care that the champion isn't on the show. I care that a man who was advertised center stage in posters toward a company's largest collective audience isn't there. It's not exactly coincidence that it is Jeff Hardy; I hate Jeff because of things like this. I see no reason he should be champion right now because he does not draw, and he only sells merchandise; that is NOT enough in comparison to the fact that he is a convicted felon in a global company whose biggest fan base is in a country that he cannot visit because he is a felon. I hate Jeff because the company gives him way too few boundaries, they allow him to do fucking inner monologues on a wrestling program, and they're gonna let him and his shitty band sing on the biggest event of the year.

Punk is in much better shape than Jeff Hardy. When I bring him up, it's to add to the idea that Jeff should not really be champion. But even that, I will admit, is not to my point and is a little bit off topic.

When I say that this company's idiotic decisions make me want to go watch WWE, it means more than just watch. I watch pretty much all wrestling just because I love the "sport", but I certainly do not get as involved with WWE as I do with TNA, I care a lot less about it. I do not feel emotionally invested in the decisions that WWE makes the way I do with TNA, and decisions like this remind me of why I stopped watching wrestling in the first place.

th sad truith that al of u cant ceem to grrasp is dat wrestlig is getig les poplar each day and no bodde caires abot it

vinse is senile at this poiint and th growth of tna has pleateuaed nd roh has nevr bin mor than his a crapy cult
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