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Re: Jeff Hardy UK Tour Situation (Spoilers inside)

Originally Posted by straightedge891 View Post
This. He's one of a kind.

Why do you put so much emphasis on it being rubber? Kayfabe, it's real. And it's better than the excuse of a partially breakaway table.
78% of the people that watch Impact couldn't give 2 fucks about this. Simply because they don't give a shit about what's on dirt sheets.
And I love how you pulled some bank robber example from out of nowhere. It doesn't even tie up to the Hardy situation. Hardy not only missed half the build to AAO, but they were the last two episodes. This year, he'll at least be at the last two, and I subject that tna puts on some video or something in the UK episodes.
This is the TNA Section. WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT PUNK? And it's different because Hardy doesn't have a lazy looking flabby gut like Punk's anymore.
I never said that it wasn't a big deal. Just piinting out the fact that last years actually looked as if they found out a hardy fcouldnt go 5 minutes before they went.

You're pretty much speaking a different language than me and mentioned Tony for no damn reason. And as I said before, this is champ takes off season #48.
I get you're gimmick. You hate Jeff Hardy. But stop complaining about this as I'd you're his biggest fan. It's very confusing.
Yeah no kidding. His name just makes him look like a fool.Complaining yet he is apparently not a fan ?If i hated someone i wouldnt care if he was on the show or not. Plus he acts as if he doesn't watch wwe ? Says he will stop watching this company now and go watch wwe.If hes not watching wwe he clearly thinks it sucks but all of the sudden its ok to watch it now cus of something stupid like this. Plus like you said, we are made up of a small percent of internet trolls. Most people are not going to care. This guy is going to be watching these shows regardless.He might as well stop being such a bed wetter. If its a problem then stop watching right ? Simple

"If you want it bad enough you'll find a way, if you don't want it bad enough you'll find an excuse."
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