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Re: Alright McLovin, sXe Maverick, and that pussy ChampViaDQ, come out and Plaaaay

Originally Posted by Apocalypto View Post
Now some of you of my supporters may be wondering "You idiot why would you give that piece of shit McLovin any attention by making a thread about his worthless as". Now guys, relax, up until now this geek fag didn't warrant any jack shit of attention, but something lolzy happened about two days ago and since I am preoccupied living life like a Greek God I forgot to show all of you about McLovin little insecurities.

Let's take a look at this four eyed gimp bitch at the far right of the photo trying to fit in

But that's not what this is about. Here's what I posted

This was his response:

Really faggot? So I pissed your Nickelback loving ass that you had to show me a picture of yourself pretending to be having fun during that 0.5 millisecond before that dude turned his head to the left and realized he was gettins hugged by the outcast nerd and decided to push you off before going back with his real friends. lol U got mad at my post.

But it doesn't end there.

Here's Dualshock (who has been impressing me lately, especially when he is the only who can have a ridiculous meltdown while stating the facts at the same time)

Yeah the fuck right bitch. Ha ha. U mad.

This says it all:

Now McLovin, perhaps the only reason why your dumb ass hasn't been chased off this site once like Noyk who has been curb stomped 473784397th times and disappear for 7438543754747th times because he is a whiny little bitch, is because nobody has exposed your ass, nobody as ranted on your ass because you're insignificant. I know most people here don't like you, and since you care so much about approval and rep like BULLY the insecure meathead who lift and gets fatceps and instead of muscles and looks like a retarded version of Lance Storm, I am going to play this game. If you can withstand all the criticism that you're about to get, since you're possibly more annoying than Dunk, then I am going to accept your offer at Rantsamania.

As for Rantsamania:

The other two jackoffs Champ and sXe haven't shown their stupid faces in rants since they heard the Greek God has been on the prowl for these two particular little slimy fucknuts.

sXe Maverick not long ago accused me of being Dualshock alt. Come in here and prove it. Or I can give you till rantsamania to gather your evidences, wimp.

And ChampViaDQ is just a whiny little bitch, who I have not had the chance to own like a boss because he is such a pussy and runs away, like I have owned the majority of you.

Anyways, gon' go take a boss nap.

~Apocalypto Hath Spoken

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