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Re: Mongs

No way I'm re-reading this thread to address every issue so here goes off the top of my head.

Haven't been online since I posted that thread so I haven't removed anyone yet. TOMORROW.

I absolutely knew this thread was coming from someone and was 90% sure it'd be from DualShock.

DualShock. You are indeed a mong. A plonker. An ignoramus. A muppet. A twonk. A loony. A balloon head. A total lost cause.

If you're constantly moaning about the "hypocrisy" of rants then you're gone. If you're gimmick posting and you're gimmick is generally perceived as a terrible gimmick then you're gone. If you're acting like a tool ala HEELKris then you're gone. If you're constantly making terrible threads with no purpose then you're probably gone too.

I had no idea that my use of the word "mong" would envoke such a reaction. Brits tend to have many interchangeable adjectives for describing an idiot/moron/tool/you get the idea. Aussie's tend to be pretty creative with their alternatives for moron too.

Jobbers Thread was moved to Word Games so "mongs" have somewhere to spam and chit chat with each other if/when they get kicked out of the popular corner. Most of you tend to only like each other so it serves that purpose too. If you don't like the culture of rants then you should probably stay out and limit yourselves to the Jobbers Thread anyway for your own happiness.
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