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Re: wwe.com ; Meet NXT's top prospects

Interesting list, gonna give my thoughts on each of the talent that has been promoted in this article:

Ohno: This guy has all the tools and potential in the world. Great worker obviously, everyone knows that. He needs to work on his current character a bit I feel personally but once he has that down I believe he could make a big impact in WWE's main roster.

Kruger: As I said in a thread I made, Kruger reminds me of a modern day version of Skinner (look him up) with the current gimmick he has. I don't know too much about the guy so I'll have to leave it at that. I don't particularly dig the gimmick they are going with him at the moment however. Will have to watch more to judge him.

Bo Dallas: I honestly do not get what WWE sees in this guy. He is a mediocre worker at best and his character right now is horrible. He is an example of the type of face I cannot stand. He looks and acts so cookie cutter honestly. I see this guy being a mid carder at best but most likely the next Trent Baretta but nowhere near as good a worker.

Paige: I'm going to be completely biased but I have so much love for this woman. Great worker, really cool alternative look that I dig and I really like the approach they are taking with her character. It doesn't feel like a persona at all, she comes across so real and believable as a performer that I can't help but love her. It was the same reason why I fell in love with AJ Lee in the spring/summer of last year. If the divas division is rebuilt back up then Paige and AJ will be the centerpieces of the division. Potentially the Trish/Lita of the 10's as long as they live up to their potential and are used well (unfortunately AJ could be used a whole lot better than she is being used right now).

Richie Steamboat: Great in the ring much like his father but needs some serious character work. Does he even have a character right now? That's really the main thing he needs work on, his character and his promo skills. If he can improve on his weaknesses he could be a success but right now he is much like Tyson Kidd: a workhorse but displays very little character. That is partly WWE's fault for not giving him much of a chance.

Adrian Neville: PAC is a fantastic worker, amazing high flyer, one of the best in the world. Will be interesting to see how he progresses but he could do well for himself in the WWE. I have never heard the guy speak or seen what his character is like so its a case of wait and see. But love the guys in ring work.

Anya: Very interesting bio. Heard about this woman before and she has a really intriguing back story that could be used which could see a very interesting character come out of it. She seems like a bad ass chick too, black belt in Tae Kwon Do and practicing kickboxing? Sounds like win to me. Will be interesting to see how she does and how well the Del Rey training does for her. She will be green to start of with but I'll be patient and see how she does and how she progresses. Which will be interesting to watch.

Wyatt Family: . Bray Wyatt is without a doubt my favourite wrestler in NXT. His character is fantastic and the way he works his character into matches is brilliant. The guy has a true gimmick that he plays to the tee, you never feel like he's acting, you see him for what he is on TV: a psychotic preacher. Great at promos but that didn't need to be said. The Wyatt family is the first storyline in years which literally left my jaw wide open when I first saw them. They have such a demented and weird look that you can't help but stare. You can't keep your eyes off them. It reminds me of Raven's flock the way Bray has control over them but with Raven's flock whilst it had its wacky characters you could see some sense of normalcy. The Wyatt family does not look normal, they are so freaking weird looking yet the way the two behemoths portray themselves like they are under the spell of Wyatt makes you buy into them as characters. This may end up being the most interesting stable in a long time. As far as long term planning is concerned obviously Bray Wyatt is the only guy out of the three that you immediately see a really bright future for. I could see Bray being a favourite of mine for years to come.

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