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Default Re: The what did you dream about thread?

This will sound crazy, and I don't really care whether people believe me or not.

This happened back when I was 17 coming back home from work. I ate a bunch of food that night, and went to sleep. Next thing I know, i'm floating in this space where time seemed to fold, and I experienced this space in 360 degree vision, it's as if I was part of the atmosphere, instead of having the human tunnel vision. At some point, I felt an eruption at the core of this space and woke up, felt a shiver from the top of my head down to my toes and cried uncontrollably. It took a few minutes to recognise who I was and where I was.

The time I spent in that dream felt like an eternity, and it was blissful. It's unlike any primitive feeling i've ever experienced. it felt more real than life itself. I know it wasn't drug use since I wasn't on drugs, it's just this amazing experience that showed me what it was to go beyond the five senses.

Not sure if I experienced some sort of Astral Projection, or if it was a result of natural Dimethyltryptamine secreted from the Pineal gland that caused a hallucination (which is said to be your third eye). It's weird because I still remember that dream like it just happened.
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