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Default Re: The what did you dream about thread?

I've had a couple of memorable dreams recently.

- I was wandering around in New York with my brother. My iPhone was about to die, and there were chargers connected to the light posts. However, the price was $40 a hour. We just kept on walking.

- I was being chased by the SWAT team with Niko Bellic. We stole a bunch of expensive jewelry at a department store. I could actually see Grand Theft Auto's distinctive Wanted Level system as I looked into the sky. By the time we swerved onto the Brooklyn Bridge, our car spontaneously exploded. We dashed on foot as if nothing had happened to us, with the police trailing close behind. Shots are now being fired, and at such an inconvenient time, I check the time on my phone. Then I entered a cheat code, and the police left us alone.

- This dream is definitely the most memorable. A group of men boarded a helicopter with bearer bonds. I dashed onto there and dangled for dear life onto the landing skid. They were flying through my neighborhood for some reason. My phone suddenly rings as soon as I come down from my adrenaline rush. It was Archer. I ignored it for a couple of seconds, but answered at the very last minute. I could hear Lana yelling at him for putting me in grave danger, but he nonetheless brushed it off and told me a hilarious thing that he saw on television. "Archer, what the hell", I screamed as I reprimanded him for calling me at such an inconvenient time. He responded with a "chill man", and then rambled on about something to me (I can't remember exactly). Meanwhile, Lana gave me the coordinates of the location that these men were heading to. It was my high school, and there was a gambling event going on there. I felt remorseful for yelling at Archer, and I apologized. We hugged it out as I arrived to the school, leaving Lana looking envious. We split up at the courtyard. Eventually, I could see the men with the bearer bonds walking into the library. By the time I entered the premise, the men disappeared in plain sight, leaving a suitcase. I opened the suitcase, which only contained a sticky that said something about KFC chicken.

- I've also had a few dreams where I was performing concerts and was singing my ass off. Sad that I can't sing for shit in real life.
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