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Re: CM Punk's tweet about Lance Armstrong

Originally Posted by SinJackal View Post
The same uninformed people who always claims every guy with slightly above average muscles is on roids. . .are doing it again it seems. You do this every few of weeks with a different wrestler dude.

The Rock is nearly half a foot taller than Punk with a much larger natural body frame. He would look noticeably bigger even if he didn't work out at all. And yes, if you work out a lot, you gain muscle mass even if you don't use roids. If you don't work out much at all, you don't gain muscle mass. This is why the two people look so different, not because of roids. Apparently this is still news to you though.
that would be you thats uninformed.. typical hero worship, you don't want to think that the people you idolize use steroids, you want to imagine they're better than us mere mortals. Not the case. I work in sports nutrition, i've lifted weights myself for 8+ years myself, I train with people who use steroids and people who don't, I know what someone looks like when they're on the juice and when they're not, there are natural limits the human body will not go beyond due to testosterone and testosterone alone.

You CANNOT build muscle past a certain point naturally and stay lean at the same time without raising your test levels. Simply doesn't happen, its a matter of biology. Someone who doesn't use steroids and gets to 250+ will look like a powerlifter, they'll have a lot of mass but also gain fat in the process and lose definition. Only on roids can a person just gain lean mass and no fat.

Rock gained a massive amount of size at age 40 and stayed lean, that does not happen by simply working out alone. You don't know anything about bodybuilding if you think its normal for a person to be bigger AND leaner at 40 than they were in their prime when he had peak natural testosterone levels. I can also safely assume you've never bulked up to any significant weight in your life if you think what its possible to go from ~220 to 260 like Rock did, at age 40, and get leaner in the process without roids.
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