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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by WOOLCOCK View Post

Love this match from them, one of my favourites from 2011 personally. House Show so you get Regal being an incredibly entertaining heel, offering a handshake to Bourne and hushing the crowd to stop jeering him and trying to convince Bourne to ignore the crowd and listen to him. Some really good WOS chain wrestling to begin, a good injection of comedy in Regal's heel in peril segment setting up him being stiff as hell on Bourne when in control and a genuinly entertaining and fun finishing stretch.

Oh Bourne, why must you be such a knob backstage pissing off management?
I legit thought about that match during Regal vs Bourne, tbhayley. It's great.

Oh hey, totally got to Dolph vs Masters last night. All I'm left with is wow. Such a gritty, but more importantly, a smart match. The counters, the evading of submissions, the general strategy of human chess played by both was something else. Certainly has risen up as one of my favorite sub 10 minute matches out there. 9:51 - can you believe that?

Masters vs McIntyre isn't until July or August I believe so unless Football gets in my way today, I'll manage to get on that soon. (did you know they had a rematch in 2011 on Superstars that was pretty awesome too?)

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