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Re: SPOILER *all five books* THREAD FOR Game of Thrones (TV series discussion)

I like the way the guy who plays Jaime (Nikolaj Caster Waldau) describes how we see Jaime initialy in the story.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau: In Game of Thrones? Oh yeah, absolutely. And one of the things I love about the show and about his writing is that he doesnít let us get away with our preconceived opinions of the various characters. Like I play Jaime Lannister, and one of the reasons I got really excited about it when I read the first time was that, well, it kind of starts with him shoving this kid out a window while heís being very intimate with his twin sister. I mean, itís so dark, and itís so twisted -

GS: But the dialogue, youíre right, that in and of itself would be enough.

NCW: And then, and then on top of that he says, as he does it, ďthe things I do for love.Ē

GS: Thatís when it was like, wow, itís a different show.

NCW: Well itís different, but itís also interesting, you know? Because when you see the show and you think about it, you kind of go, wow, all these relationships in this show, are all more or less made out of political reasons. Theyíre arranged marriages. Oh no, thereís one relationship which is just based on love, thatís Jaime and Cersei. Which is ironic, because itís so wrong on so many levels, but itís all, then weíre talking morals, thatís a different story.

But then, what I love about the show is that now we start, itís like - itís like your life. Iím sure you could find a point in your life where you did something that youíre not, that youíre ashamed of.

GS: Yeah, no, I have flat-out regrets.

NCW: Well, yeah, exactly. But imagine you did a movie about you and you just started right there, at that one point where you were just a realÖ horrible person. You know I was just trying to find the right word, it is TV.

GS: Weíll take that word, itís good.

NCW: Just really horrible, right? Then, of course for the first ten minutes the audience will go, ďheís horrible. Thatís a bad person.Ē And then you might redeem yourself later on. In a way itís the same with Jamie Lannister. You start with that point and itís just really, really bad. But maybe in seasons to come you might see more of it. And I think itís the same with all the characters. Like you see - Iím sorry, Iím getting all..

But with, the first season you have Ned Stark played by Sean Bean, and heís this honourable, wonderful man, and he is. But then people seem to forget that the first thing we see him do is heís chopping off the head of an innocent boy whose only crime was to get really scared because he saw a monster.

Well, we have to kill him because thatís the honourable thing to do. You know, itís all in the eye of the beholder.
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