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Re: WrestleMania XXIX Match Card Predictions

WWE Championship: Streak vs. Streak
Taker vs. Punk(c)
--> Taker wins (my explanation and story is a few pages back)

'Twice' in a Lifetime
Cena vs. Rock II
--> Cena wins

Grudge match I
Brock Lesnar vs. HBK
--> Lesnar wins

Battle of the Behemoths
Big Show vs. Ryback
--> Ryback wins

World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat
Dolph Ziggler(c) vs. Del Rio vs. Orton(heel)
--> Ziggler wins

Grudge match II
Sheamus (face) vs. HHH (heel)
--> Sheamus wins

IC & US Championship Fatal Fourway: First pinfall/submission IC title, second pinfall/submission US title
Antonio Cesaro(c) vs. Barrett(c) vs. Swagger vs. Christian
--> Swagger(US) and Barrett(IC) win

Tag Team Championships
Team Hell No(c) vs. The Shield (Reigns and Rollins)
--> The Shield wins by interference Ambrose

Taker vs. Punk: I've explained already a few pages back.
Rock vs. Cena II: Cena needs a win over Rock back, possibly (hopefully) heel turn on the Rock.
Lesnar vs. HBK: HBK wants revenge for the attack (could't really come up with a better match if Taker and Rock already have one). If Lesnar stays with WWE after WM29, than Lesnar should win. Otherwise HBK could win as well.
Big Show vs. Ryback: Rybakc's WM-moment when he delivers Shellshock to the Big Show (fast match, no need for that trainwreck to take up to much time)
Ziggler vs. Del Rio vs. Orton: Orton needs to be on the card, but doesn't really have an opponent. Could be an awesome match. Ziggler needs to win to solidfy himself as a real main-eventer. With Ziggler's slow face turn, we need a big heel to even things out, that's where Orton comes in.
Sheamus vs. HHH: An other attempt to make Sheamus a bigger face. If Cena turns, this could be the win he needs to be the no.1 face. They had beef before, they're friends irl so HHH won't mind to job.
IC & US: Too little time for separate matches, plus I kinda like this sort of matches. Swagger returns to become the first American to beat Cesaro (Cesaro can slowly be put in the main event scene after their feud). Christian returns to put over Barrett.
Team Hell No vs. The Shield: The perfect ending for this feud. Reigns and Rollins (and not Ambrose) because Ambrose should be aiming higher. He's the leader, so he doesn't need the title. Also with Reigns, they have a big man in their tag team, I think they really need that. After this Team Hell No can split up. Bryan can feud with Barrett for the IC, Kane can go put over Ambrose or something.



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