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Re: What happened to the heel way of life

This is one of the things about modern day wrestling that pisses me off, and a small reason out of many why nobody gets over today. Heels are so clean today, I don't understand how or why this philosophy came into effect. I don't think I've ever seen Cesaro cheat. He's just one example I can think of, but what the fuck is the point of booing him when he just beats the babyface clean all the time? I don't object against clean wins against an established opponent once in a while to remind people that you're actually a serious threat, granted, but holy shit, CHEAT. Nowadays the biggest heel tactic seems to be walking out of the match and letting yourself get counted out, which is a TERRIBLE heel tactic. You want your heels to win underhandedly, not have them bail on the match, that gets nobody over and it wastes the crowds time, being an anti-climactic finish. Not to mention, it's made even worse by the fact that most of the time, the faces don't even try to bring them back, they just accept it. Orton usually throws them back in, but other than that it seems like they all just stand there and do jack shit.

I can't really think of anybody besides Sandow right now, who's constantly going for the tights in his pins, who uses any form of cheating, it's just win or lose. Ziggler's started to do it a little now that he has Big E and AJ, which as much as I hate him is good, because we got to get back to heels being heels, but he's another example. For YEARS he would just go in there with nothing to back himself up, and lose. It's ridiculous.

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