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Default Re: Too many superstars, Not enough spots...

Y2J - In an ideal world, he would win the Rumble & go on to face Ziggler for the WHC at Mania, then win and have a final 6-month reign

Mark Henry - His last run was ruined a bit by his injuries, if he could come back 100%, I'd like to see him complete that push before retiring with glory

Batista/Vader - Just for the pop

But if there weren't so many fucking jobbers in the Rumble (3MB? Really? REALLY??), then there could be room for all the guys you mentioned.



[X]Chris Jericho returns (Royal Rumble IS JERICHO!!!!!!)
[ ]Sheamus turns heel
[ ]Kane turns heel
[ ]Jack Swagger turns face
[X]Cena loses clean to someone not named The Rock (Raw 4/29/13 to Shield)
[X]The Miz has a proper feud (Main Event 1/16/13 w/Cesaro)
[X]Brock Lesnar returns (Raw 1/28/13)

Marking For:

Punk, Lesnar, Bryan, Kane, Rhodes, Sandow, Cesaro, Ryback (RAW)

Y2J, Sheamus, Barrett, Henry, Big Show (SD)

All-Time Fave 10

  1. Y2J
  2. Stone Cold
  3. Edge
  4. Kane
  5. Undertaker
  6. Eddie Guerrero (RIP )
  7. The Rock
  8. Brock Lesnar
  9. HBK
  10. HHH
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