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Re: What happened to the heel way of life

Originally Posted by Bazzinator View Post
i remember a few years ago when heels used undermining tactics throughout the match to gain an advantage. when was the last time we saw someone use the tights to get the victory use a low blow while the ref was distracted, uncover the turnbuckle pad, even to an extent the old eddie gimmick using the weapon to get the win, this probably won't happen as homage to Eddie. Even in tag team wrestling which i think could be a way to get the division over more by having the good old face team creating the distraction to allow the heels to double team the in ring competitor. or using the corner to more of an effect even the good old ref not seeing the face tag but the heels get away with it. these sort of things is what the wwe need to rebuild their heels especially early on in their careers to establish them. the amount of heat that can be created by such tactics works and gets them over which is what they are struggling to do with heels especially right now
Wrestling needs more Japs throwing salt in the eyes too right? Wrestling has moved on a lot from its carny ways, but a fair amount of that shit still goes on.
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