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Re: WWF Brawl For All

Originally Posted by markdeez33 View Post
i actually liked the brawl for all, but it had stupid rules. why wear boxing gloves if you're going to allow takedowns, etc? dan severn dominated his match, and he was disqualified because his takedowns weren't ruled "clean". marc mero is the only guy in the whole tournament who could actually box, and of course, they took him down every chance they got.

it was hilarious watching bradshaw getting demolished.

anyway, we'll never see something like brawl for all again. it was an absolute mess. however, if done right, with the right people, it would've been a great sight to see. they picked a bunch of terrible people for it, and like i said, the only guy who had decent boxing skills was mero. scorpio wasn't that bad either, he just had no idea wtf he was trying to do lol. dan severn would've won it with relative ease had they not DQ'd him.
regarding Severn I recall the announcers selling it as "Severn has proven his point and has no desire to continue the competition" rather than a DQ. And I don't know if Severn would have run away with it, his wrestling was comparable to Dr Death, Dr Death got to the finals of the NCAA tourney and lost to Baumgartner (one of the GOATs), Severn's striking was shit and submissions were a non factor in the competition - so they'd be even and very competitive.
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