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Re: WWF Brawl For All

i actually liked the brawl for all, but it had stupid rules. why wear boxing gloves if you're going to allow takedowns, etc? dan severn dominated his match, and he was disqualified because his takedowns weren't ruled "clean". marc mero is the only guy in the whole tournament who could actually box, and of course, they took him down every chance they got.

it was hilarious watching bradshaw getting demolished.

poor dr. death got flatlined, and i believe he blew both of his knees out or something of that nature.

bart gunn was a TERRIBLE boxer, just terrible. as a man who has been around boxing all of my life, and grew up in the sport, it would be a BREEZE boxing someone of his caliber. he was an absolute joke. he threw haymaker hooks, and he had power in his left hand that none of these guys could defend against. you figure some of them would have atleast worked some mitts before putting on a pair of boxing gloves. i wouldn't dare label this tragic attempt at a hybrid sport as "boxing", because boxing is a beautiful sport, brawl for all was worse than 90% of toughman competitions i've seen, that the majority of people on this forum could have a chance at winning. butterbean is a TERRIBLE boxer as well, and you saw how quickly he destroyed bart in their match at mania. which is sad, because you can tell bart really trained hard to prepare for the match, he went and got some trainers, looked much better, but he kept his hands WAY too low, and butterbean crunched him. hilarious. i imagine vinny pazienza had to be thinking "wow, he's dead" as butterbean ejected him through the ropes, LOL.

anyway, we'll never see something like brawl for all again. it was an absolute mess. however, if done right, with the right people, it would've been a great sight to see. they picked a bunch of terrible people for it, and like i said, the only guy who had decent boxing skills was mero. scorpio wasn't that bad either, he just had no idea wtf he was trying to do lol. dan severn would've won it with relative ease had they not DQ'd him.
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