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Re: One gripe with Del Rio's face turn

Originally Posted by Stall_19 View Post
You're acting like it's only for faces. I'll never forget Austin & Triple H becoming buddies after spending the year trying to kill each other after Austin turned heel.
It's not exclusive but all heels also don't automatically like each other, either. Granted, they mostly do, but it's not a given, as we've seen even recently with Big Show threatening to KO Ziggler if he tried cashing in on him. But when it comes to faces, WWE seems to operate under this dome of cluelessness where every babyface smiles and is happy and loves picnics and flowers, and everything is forgiven once a turn occurs.

Originally Posted by KeepinItReal View Post
Look up Barrett's speech after the cameras stopped rolling for Raw in Manchester, England. Barrett ends up sorta kinda getting along with Cena briefly, cuz Barrett's giving this big thank you speech to the audience. Its all in the context of them still hating each other, but they put aside their issues in a heartbeat cuz Barrett had a five-minute face turn.
I know, I saw that when it came out, but I was talking about an actual turn on television, not on camera. I was joking anyway, although it seriously wouldn't surprise me.

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