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Re: Who will win a world title by 2015?

Originally Posted by K.W.H. View Post
Some people kept saying they would rather Ohno be in his place. I don't really follow NXT so I assume he is better than Rollins. That's the guy on the Punk DVD, right?
Yeah, that's him, Chris Hero.

I don't know who's better in the ring, because I haven't judged enough of their matches, but he's excellent in that regard. Really, they both are.

He's for sure better than Rollins on the mic, although that's not saying much, and he's one of those guys where the opinion is split. Some people think he's amazing on the mic, I think he's sub-par, that's just me. I'd rather have seen him debut than Rollins, but really, I got no time for either of them.

Apparently, the reason I've heard that WWE hasn't called him up is because they're not happy with his appearance, he has a gut and they want him to get ripped because that's what a "proper" superstar looks like in their mind. I don't really know if that's true or not, but I assume there's something to it because otherwise I can't imagine they wouldn't have called him up in The Shield with the other 3. He's been in Florida almost a full year, so he's pretty much adapted to the WWE style as much as he's going to, plus he's 33, which pretty much means if they see him as any part of their future, they gotta push him NOW. You can't be having no 33 year old with 13 or 14 years of wrestling taken out on his body just coming in at this moment. I mean, Punk's only a year older than him, started basically at the same time and he's talking about retirement in 2015.

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