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Re: Overrated actors and actresses

Originally Posted by K.W.H. View Post
You are simply referring to personal taste. Many great talents have still won Oscars and you're simply butthurt your favorites haven't won. Nothing more. Shame as it is for some of those who you listed (Chaplin and Kubrick especially), it doesn't mean the Oscars are shit. And Streep can outact most actresses, so you might wanna choose someone else to call out. It's all about taste, you haven't proven anything.

And for someone who doesn't care for these awards, you still appear on the threads. Nice.
"Personal taste"? How diplomatic of you.

I watch award shows religiously – but I don’t put any weight on them. I watch everything film related. This is a lifestyle for me.

I can appreciate the fact that a nomination and win significantly increases the value of a particular talent, and I am sure that people like Gary Oldman like to be nominated. With that said, I still feel the “personal taste” of the Academy is clearly quite rudimentary. And BTW I don't particularly rate Streep. I can always see her ticking away; she's always on the periphery of being the character. Overacts everything.

Originally Posted by Jon Snow View Post
I don't like Gosling at all, does it kill a guy to show some emotion sometimes? Apparently. Never had any in ANY of the movies I've seen him in in the last couple years, just one face.
Gosling is so unbelievably boring. I certainly don’t rate him. I can’t imagine anyone would be interested in him beyond his superficial attractiveness.

Originally Posted by Shining_Wizard1979 View Post
Always like him. Another actor that I didn't realize that I liked? Jude Law. Several times, I've watched a movie of his, and half-way through, I'm like, "Wait, that's Jude Law."

Whoopi Goldberg has an Oscar.

You mentioned Gary Oldman. . . he has one nomination, I believe. Clooney, on the other hand? Four nominations with one win.
Yes, absolutely. You’re getting it. Forgot this gem:

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