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Re: Employers Looking At Facebook...My Story

Originally Posted by Yeah1993 View Post
It's not on private and it's for anybody with internet access (or facebook access) to read. Why shouldn't he be viewing the profile and reading the posts? If it was an invasion of personal space then it wouldn't be out there like that. Nobody has to add him as a friend if they don't want to, and there's options to make this stuff private. Hell, you can make posts non-visible to certain friends, can't you? And like I already said - he can read it all he wants to but shouldn't punish anybody by what they write on there (depending whether or not it is a photo of TNT with "I will bomb the HQ" for real).

It's just so stupid to me that anybody would write this stuff without it being private. If you have nothing to hide then who cares, but if you're trashing a co-worker....well shit, keep that low-key. They could easily look at it whenever they want. You make a facebook profile that's accessible to anyone. People will look at it.
Hell, it's not even like she was burying someone on her level.

Shit talking her bosses boss? Taking shots at the Vice President of the company?

The lack of common sense makes me question how she got the job in the first place. Yeah she's 22, but one can only blame stuff on the ignorance and hubris of youth so many times. She's 22, not 12. She should know better. She made a mistake and we all do but it is a pretty big no-no to shit talk the VP of your company.

It would be like in elementary school someone being on the playground talking shit about the Vice Principal and being shocked when they got in trouble.

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