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Re: Official NXT Weekly TV Show Discussion

Originally Posted by Hailsabin View Post
Solid in ring ability is a no. I'm watching the matches, I know what I see.

The look thing is bunk. I'll never follow that mentality and it goes right under my comment of what I said about "vince's type of wrestling." So yeah.

Catch-phrase is not bad. I hate the catch-phrase personally, but it certainly has aided him in getting fans behind him. Too bad WWE screwed that up by debuting him as a heel and leaving that gimmick in the dust.

He's reminding me so much of the next Bobby Lashley right now. Which gives me shivers to think the company will throw the world at him when he's quite awful. And lol @ throwing this who "business approach" at me as if I don't know. Of course I know. Do I care? Nope. Know why? b/c I've never concerned myself with what goes on backstage since I'm not there. Too many fans nowadays think b/c they know how THE BIZ WORKS they can chime in their two cents about how things are or should be ran. Just be a fan and watch the product on screen. Ignore the reasons behind things and ratings. It's dissolved the fun so much.

In short, I'm not a fan of Big E. Langston. Not at all. It's also puzzling to slap the strap on him when he debuted a few weeks following it. That's where the real questioning came into play.
Well it is Vince's company, so of course it's going to go in his vision. This isn't even a debate.

His ring ability isn't that of El Generico for instance, but for a big man he is quite solid.

I'd imagine when he turns face, we're going to get his face run gimmick - catchphrase/5 count finish.

So instead of just 'sitting back and enjoying the product', you're choosing to complain about Big E. Seems hypocritical to me. I know for one, I'm sitting and enjoying what I'm seeing on NXT for instance, especially when Big E wrestles. He exudes a natural charisma where fans are getting behind him and therefore making his matches more exciting. He's only been on TV for a few months, so at least give him a chance.

I'm guessing you didn't complain when Rollins got the strap even sooner than Big E? I sense a bias for some reason.

I'm not saying this to offend you either, just trying to point out an observation.

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