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Employers Looking At Facebook...My Story

Happened here just a couple of weeks ago, it seems like this whole thing is becoming a major shitstorm where I work.

I'm a manager for a call compliance center at a local bank. I've been with this company almost 12 years and enjoy my work, as well as the people I work with. Within the last few months this VP has come in and is rattling cages, don't know if he's looking for something but I pretty much tend to do my thing. However, he gets annoyed at the fact I think for myself and don't always agree with him.

Friend of mine was leaving the company, wanted me to go out with them for a few drinks before he and the Mrs. moved to California for a new job of hers. So, my wife and I were out that Saturday night for dinner and stop by the bar/nightclub for a couple beers. Lot of people I work with are there. During the night, my friend tells me one of the girls that works with us is really scared and needs to talk to me at work. She happens to be there, and I tell her that on Monday to see me in my office.

So, on Monday she comes up with her supervisor, and lays her story out. Apparently, she makes comments about work and other shit (like most that have it do) on her Facebook page. One comment is that the new VP is apparently creepy and has supposedly hit on a couple of her girlfriends. Apparently, they also saw him one night at local gentlemen's club when she was with a bachelorette party and he was really freaking a lot of people out, even the dancers. The VP doesn't like what she is saying and thus is wanting us to discipline her for putting comments about work on Facebook.

I tell her that I am not doing anything and if the VP has a problem with it that I will deal with it. I know that companies are having these regulations about employees talking trash about work on FB and Twitter, but there is none where I work and as far as I'm concerned, it's their business what they put on their page when not at work. As I've stated here before, my personal rights (and the rights of others) are never up for negotiation as far as I'm concerned, period. I will never sacrifice my rights, nor do I expect others to.

The VP apparently comes to see me and has a huge shit fit that I won't discipline her. I advise him that's her business what she puts on her FB and Twitter and it's more of a concern that you act like you do when at the strip club and talking about your job here than her little comments on FB. He then says, "She said on her page you were boring. because you don't go out with the co-workers." I told him I don't because I don't party all hours of the night and they are my workers. I am their manager, not their friend. He stormed out.

Now, I'm hearing rumblings from my boss about the whole situation. Apparently, this VP wants my head because I won't bow and kiss his ring. I've put in almost 12 years with this company, but I can find another job tomorrow with my contacts. I know of at least three jobs I can get tomorrow by knowing the right people. I'm not looking for a fight, but will take one if it comes along.

So, what do you think? Does your employer have the right to view your FB and Twitter for stuff about work? I say no.

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