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I just noticed the post of Seabs
Jobbers thread is in Word Games and has been re-opened. From now I'm just removing access from rants for the biggest mongs. Wanna stay in here? Don't act like a mong.
Fair enough but I'm a little bit confused now. People who should be removed are those who constantly break rules (telling someone to kill himself etc.) or post gore and pornographic pictures. But except of that what is a definition of mong?
Forgive me if I'm wrong but I guess Seabs post about rants clean up has something to do with complaints from some people that members who posted once in the jobbers thread are destroying the rants section.

I will not start again about the hypocrisy but I'm afraid that the definition of a mong here will be "you're a mong because I don't like you and that other guy is not a mong because I like him"
There is a chance of 1 percent that this thread will not be closed but before it gets closed (probably by Seabs because he is one of the active staff members in rants) at least an answer what qualifies someone as mong?

Please no answer like "you're a mong because you are one" or "these guys already told you that you suck" because for every 2 members who dislike me I can find you 3 members who have no problems with me.
It looks like for example when scrilla has a feud with Swagger or Headliner with sXe it's all fun but when You Heard has a feud with Deandre Cole then it's some idiots are derailing a thread. Only because someone thinks this feud is boring and retarded it doesn't mean that it doesn't belong in the rants because there is somebody who thinks this is entertaining

Is it because some members try to bring negativity into a rant by saying how this thread sucks before it even started to "blossom?"
Already done multiple times

Is it because someone derails a great rant by trying to start a feud? Look at Redwood Raven's post
The rant just starts and he posts something about me on page 2(!) but I guess most people ignore it and rather complain how Dunk and me derail a thread because we posted someting off topic on page 50 after SNOWMANs rant already run it's course and nothing new happened.

Or is it because some "mongs" just sign in here to appear and post random shit? Well, then look at the last posts of sXe. It consists only of "blah blah blah cunt blah bla blah piece of shit blah blah blah cunt"
Just one question, do you mean with rants clean up that you will remove 95 percent of the users from the rant section or will you remove only certain 5-6 users who act like the majority in the rants section but they need to be removed because you don't think they are funny and because they haven't paid their dues here?
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