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Re: TV shows you have gone off?

The Simpsons.
My God, The motherfucking Simp-Sons.

Let me explain my issue with this show and it's something that started out from the very beginning and has been getting worse and worse and worse. Marge is always fucking right.
No matter what she does, she's always portrayed as being in the right.
Throw Homer out of the house for going to a stag party? She's right. Emotionally blackmailing her child into taking medication he objects to? She's right. Using her children as emotional blackmail tools when Homer manages the country singer? She's right. FUCKING OVER Homer's chance to win a million bucks from Mr. Burns? She's goddamn right.

She's always portrayed this way. And it's gotten more and more unbearable. She's this hyper-Christian prude and her character always seems to take prominence over others. She's portrayed as being rude to everyone, being religiously intolerant, forcing her views on her fucking children - and the writers still try to make out that this is the right way to behave!

Awful character and an insult to the show. She's why I gave up on it.
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