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World Championship Wrestling 2000 A fresh start

World Championship Wrestling 2000 – A fresh start

WCW has entered the year 2000 in a bad way. The promotion isn't quite dead yet but seems to be on its last legs. The company has reportedly lost $15 million in 1999 alone. After struggling to maintain buy rates of yesteryear along with T.V ratings that have continued to slide, people associated with World Championship Wrestling are very worried. The continuing growth of their main rival the World Wrestling Federation has seen WCW fall further and further behind. With fans being offered a must see show with the WWF currently, WCW is reported to continue to under perform as we move into the new millennium.

But could the year 2000 bring a change in WCW and its fortunes? Vince Russo the man who arguably helped take the WWF to the top of the mountain has been the head of creative within WCW for the past few months. Along with his friend Ed Ferrara, the two men have seemingly booked WCW into oblivion with strange convoluted story lines. These two men were brought in as a last roll of the dice by WCW management due to their involvement in the growth of the WWF. But that has back fired on management as the Russo/Ferrara experiment has some what failed.

Just days before Souled Out it was reported that WCW U.S Champion Jeff Jarrett and WCW World Heavyweight Champion Bret Hart had both suffered serious injuries that would take them out of their respective matches at the pay per view. Vince Russo the (not so) insane genius decided he wanted to put the WCW World Championship on Tank Abbott. A former shoot fighter who had signed the year before who had not caught on with the fans whatsoever. Bill Busch the current Senior Vice President of WCW has decided to send both Russo and Ferrara home as he wants the company to move in another creative direction.

WCW is in turmoil in and outside the ring with both WCW World Champion and WCW U.S Champion on the shelf. With no real creative direction in the company due to Russo and Ferrara being sent home, World Championship Wrestling really is in free fall. What is next for this once great wrestling company?

The results for the first Pay Per View of the new millennium

World Championship Wrestling Souled Out 2000

Billy Kidman defeated Dean Malenko in a catch as catch can match at 2.36.

Vampiro defeated David Flair and Crowbar in a three way dance at 10.32

Big Vito and Johnny the Bull bested the Harris Boys 9.33

Oklahoma went over Madusa to win the WCW Cruiserweight Championship at 2.56

Brian Knobbs bested Fit Finlay, Meng and Norman Smiley in a four corners match for the WCW Hardcore Title at 6.11

Billy Kidman defeated Perry Saturn in a Bunkhouse brawl at 10.05

Booker T pinned Stevie Ray at 6.30

Tank Abbot knocked out Jerry Flynn at 1.39

Buff Bagwell bested Diamond Dallas Page in a Last Man Standing match at 11.19

The Wall bested Billy Kidman in a Caged Heat match at 5.03

Kevin Nash went over Terry Funk in a Hardcore match to become WCW Commissioner at 7.59

Chris Benoit made Sid Vicious submit to win the WCW World Heavyweight Title at 14.53

WCW Corporate
WCW Commissioner: Big Sexy Kevin Nash
WCW announcers: Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay and Bobby Hennan
Ring announcer: David Penzer
Interviewer: Mean Gene Okerlund

WCW Champion: The Crippler Chris Benoit
WCW United States Champion: Vacant
WCW Tag Team Champions: David Flair and Crowbar
WCW Cruiserweight Champion: Oklahoma
WCW Hardcore Champion: Brian Knobbs

Bam Bam Bigelow
Big T
Big Vito
Billy Kidman
Booker T
Brian Adams – Inactive
Brian Knobbs
Bryan Clarke – Inactive
Buff Bagwell
Chavo Guerrero Jr
The Crippler Chris Benoit
Chris Kanyon
Curt Hennig – Inactive
David Flair
Dean Malenko
Diamond Dallas Page
Don Harris
Dustin Rhodes – Inactive
Eddie Guerrero
El Dandy
Evan Karagias
Fit Finlay
Da Man Goldberg – Inactive
Hugh Morrus – Inactive
Hulk Hogan – Inactive
Jamie Dundee
The Chosen One Jeff Jarrett – Injured
Jerry Flynn
Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Johnny The Bull
Juventud Guerrera
Kaz Hayashi
Big Sexy Kevin Nash
La Parka
Lash Leroux
The Total Package Lex Luger
Mike Rotunda
Screamin Norman Smiley
Perry Saturn
Macho Man Randy Savage – Inactive
Rey Mysterio Jr
The Nature Boy Ric Flair – Inactive
The Dog Faced Gremlin Rick Steiner
Ron Harris
The Outsider Scott Hall – Inactive
Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner
The Franchise Shane Douglas
Shane Helms
Shannon Moore
Sid Vicious
Silver King
Steven Regal
Stevie Ray
Sting – Injured
TAFKA Prince Iakeau
Tank Abbott
The Hardcore Legend Terry Funk
The Barbarian
The Cat
The KISS Demon
The Maestro
The Wall
The Dark Angel Vampiro
Villano IV
Villano V
Wolfie D

The Teams
David Flair and Crowbar
Harlem Heat 2000 (Big T and Stevie Ray)
The Harris Brothers (Ron and Don)
Juventud Guerrera and Psychosis
Los Fabulousos (El Dandy and Silver King)
The Filthy Animals (Billy Kidman, Rey Mysterio Jr, Konnan and Torrie Wilson)
The Mamalukes (Big Vito, Johnny The Bull and Disco Inferno)
New World Order (Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner, Bret Hart and Jeff Jarrett)
PG-13 (Jamie Dundee and Wolfie D)
The Revolution (Shane Douglas, Perry Saturn, Dean Malenko and Asya)
Standards and Practices (Idol and Lane)
Three Count (Shannon Moore, Shane Helms and Evan Karagias)
The Varsity Club (Mike Rotunda, Rick Steiner and Kevin Sullivan)
The Villanos (Villano IV and Villano V)

The Rest
The Enforcer Arn Anderson
The Hitman Bret Hart – Injured
Daffney – Valet of David Flair and Crowbar
Disco Inferno – Manager of the Mamalukes
Eric Bischoff – Inactive
Jimmy Hart – Inactive
Kevin Sullivan
Larry Zybsko
Miss Elizabeth – Valet of Lex Luger
Miss Hancock – Manager of Standards and Practices
Mr Biggs – Manager and Legal Advisor to Harlem Heat 2000
Paisley – Valet for the TAFKA Prince Iakeau
Rowdy Roddy Piper
Spice – Valet to Madusa
Symphony – Valet to the Maestro
Torrie Wilson – Valet of Billy Kidman

Mike Sanders
Rick Cornell
Shawn Stasiak
Chuck Palumbo
Sean O'Haire
Mark Jindrak
Kid Romeo
Allan Funk
AJ Styles
Elix Skipper
Bob Sapp
James Yun
Jamie Knoble
James Storm

Weekly shows

Pay-Per-View Schedule
Souled Out
Spring Stampede
The Great American Bash
Bash At The Beach
Fall Brawl
Halloween Havoc
World War 3

This is one of my favourite times in wrestling, not just for WCW but WWF and ECW as well. WCW is in a bad way at this point and I am going to enjoy seeing what I can do with the massive roster there is. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I have had writing it so far.

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