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Re: Long rant about Jeff Hardy w/ spoilers for next Impact.

Originally Posted by dastardly View Post
How do you know Daniels doesn't get the belt? I don't see any spoilers anywhere...

If you're right, then yes. This is a f*** up of monumental proportions. And that's actually why I thought Daniels would be getting the belt - Jeff's troubles meant they needed a champ and by making Daniels the champ they 1) Reward a guy at the top of his game who's been fantastic and loyal for 10 years; 2) They have a champ for the tour; 3) By making Daniels champ they can take it off him in short order - a short reign for Roode and Aries would kill their momentum. As good as he is, Daniels is getting on so a transition run would do him no harm.

So essentially they get to reward him; please the IWC; have a champ for the tour who they can, if they wanted to, replace quickly and have guaranteed gold promos for a month or two. In fact, their moving of Roode and Aries into the tag division made me think this was even more likely to be the case.

If they really have just shrugged their shoulders and mumbled, "Jeff's still champ, you just won't see him for a few months," then it is beyond retarded, on both a creative and business level.

But where did you get the spoilers about Daniels not getting the match? Even if Jeff truly is injured (and it's not a legal thing) it's not beyond the wit of man to film a segment where they beat him down and steal the belt or something.
I have seen the spoilers as well and Hardy keeps the title, followed by Tazz coming down and saying something along the lines of Hardy having a target on his back and a A&8 comes down and takes out his knee from behind with a hammer.

Originally Posted by DwayneAustin View Post
Sometimes I imagine every Raw involves Vince running around backstage, shouting out crazy ideas, while Triple H runs after him trying to catch him with a big butterfly net
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