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Re: The Official BTB Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by ThatWeirdGuy View Post
Quick question; how does everyone judge how long their PPV matches are?

I know that some people use the 200 Words = 1 minute rule, but I don't think that works for me because of my writing style where I try to get a lot of description in there. Is it sometimes just a case of knowing beforehand how long you want the match to go and then just writing it, with it not mattering actually how much you wrote?
You can count what you want to count. I have a tendency to go on long spiels regarding description as well, so some of the wording I just don't count in the final calculations. But then there's some moments that can get very descriptive that might need to be included (i.e. someone struggling to get to the ropes in a submission move that in reality does eat up a bit of time), so that's not to say they should all be excluded. But ultimately, I've give you the cop-out answer - it's up to you.

Or you could count it all, even the fluff, and try to impress people with a longer match. Because if it's long, it must be good. Quantity > quality, amirite


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