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Re: Dualshock and his sheep on WF

Originally Posted by Nostalgia View Post
The likes of DualShock and Dunk ruin rants. SN0WMAN's rant was awesome up until the point they derailed the thread with their irrelevant shit. Pretty much everyone who used to post predominately in the jobbers thread tend to ruin this section of the forum.
Stop bitching. Nobody derailed it when it was on topic. SNOWMAN posted everything that he got and buried blue, blue posted something in his defence and that's it. SNOWMAN posted enough, blue stopped posting the thread stayed open and is now longer than 90 pages, of course it will be derailed.

Nobody derailed it when it was hot, funny and both guys posted in it so stop posting shit. What do you expect? Repeating "SNOWMAN is right, blue is sick, SNOWMAN is right, blue is sick, great rant" on all 90 pages?
Of course Dunk, me and hundred other members will derail a thread after freakin 50 pages but nobody did it when it was fun and both OP and blue posted in it so stop acting like you have a point

btw nice that you have such a positive opinion of the members who posted in the jobbers thread because these people will still post here in the next weeks, months or even years so deal with it
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