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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Really gotta start hitting people back with feedback. Might as well start here. Apologies for lateness and all that jazz

619's Feedback for iMac's BACKLASH

Opening package was short, sweet, and largely simple. You put some great descriptions in there, well to do to be able to hear those violins and match them with the daunting images presented. Only thing I didn’t like a little was the ending focus on Michaels/Trips, but I can easily overlook that because it really is the match that most people, if not everyone, is looking forward to. Plus, those images of a blank and vacant Shawn Michaels stare send shivers down anyone’s spine. Opening package was bon.

Just for kicks – once, just once, I want someone to write out what Hugo and Carlos have to say. Not to say it makes the show worse or better, I just think that’d be so much fun to do. I really want that image of Hugo Savinovich losing his shit in his high-pitched voice in a language I can’t understand. But moving on…

Opening with DAT IC TITLE match, I see. I will say, from a thematic standpoint, this match is perfect to kick off then night. Backlash is always described as ‘Wrestlemania Fallout – The Movie’, so it makes perfect sense to kick off with not only a Wrestlemania rematch, but a rematch that is very much different than what we saw the first time in that both men have essentially reversed roles for the most part. Long story short, I thought the choice to have this match first truly is ‘backlash’. Also, while we’re speaking of themes, kudos on Torrie wearing black to now go with the color of her heart. But I take those kudos back because you still haven’t had JR call Torrie a ‘jezebelle’.

Onto the actual match itself, FUCK YES on having Carlito burst right through the gate with all his pent-up frustration. Terrific storytelling not just in that, but having the distraction of Torrie cause Carlito the pain of being on the defensive, which pretty much summarizes this entire feud. Even better in that it doesn’t even last too long. Didn’t like Kenny recovering that quickly from a suplex on the concrete; I felt that should’ve been felt a little bit longer than that. Great display here to have Kenny target the weakened knee a great deal, seeing as how there’s no way he’d be able to keep up with Carlito otherwise. Jesus, he’s relentless, no? Again, even after Carlito tried to get him some momentum, some great storytelling in that it’s Torrie who always stops him. And of course to remind us that she’s there. Excellent display of psychology with ‘Lito not being duped the same as he was a ‘mania. Sick spot with the mid-air STO after the Frankensteir kickout, both spots making Dykstra look strong and not completely like a spot-picking coward, but good on Carlito to kick out of the sick spot to look strong as well. The finish was overdoing Torrie’s involvement I think, but I’ll take it begrudgingly, especially since it’s a DQ finish to kick off a PPV. Effing great bookends here in kicking off the match with an angry Carlito, then to have him unleash more hell in the post-match to a never more deserving guy. Solid opener that can lead to many leads especially with One Night Stand possibly around the corner for these two. You really are building Kenny into something here, but Dykstra had better watch his back, though. You know the old saying – Hell hath no fury like a puffy-haired Puerto Rican scorned.

@ the McMahon ladies gumming up Vince’s plan. Just that entire segment, I could picture the look on Vince’s face as it goes from completely confident and sinister…to grinding his teeth once his plans are completely thwarted. Good stuff, but I still don’t think it’ll change the fact that they’ll show up later.

Good little last minute pump-up speech from Jeffery here, but nothing too magical. It’s Hardy on the mic. Meh. Moving on.

Nice little transition from ‘fighting fire with fire’ to ‘This Fire Burns’. Read like a comic book. I liked it. A nice basic beginning to the tag team match, transitioning into some solid high paced action is always good. I do like the stark contrast with that beginning to what kicked off the opener, but I liked even more that the challengers actually took command for a pretty big portion of things to solidify the fact that they deserve to be there just as much as anyone. Punk took some brutal offense there with the punt to the face and the POST TO THE FREAKIN’ THROAT. That one had to leave a mark somewhere. Lots of focus on hang-ups from the champs there, from that throat spot to the barricade spot to the flapjack on the ropes to that one tag team move they do. Not sure what the focus was on that if it was intended too much at all, but nonetheless, great action to show the resourcefulness and teamwork of the champs. Dinsmore looked like a million freakin’ bucks for a good portion of this, especially when he got the hot tag. The Cloverleaf looked awesome here, but the chaos that ensued at the end was very well done and a great way to get even more heat for the WGTT. You put over the Saints very nicely, but all the while keeping the WGTT not only looking strong, but at the same time severely threatened. Also a tad surprised this one got more time than the IC title match. Still, solid job on this one.

Van Dam promo was full of frustration, as well it should have. Got its point across and got the thumbs working. Me gusto.

DAT BONECHILLIN’ MICHELS. Also, careful with those squat thrusts, Hunter. We don’t want another quad tear.

Best part about reading the lead-in for this match is looking at the banner and seeing the look on Chris Masters’ face. Don’t know whether he’s farting or looking at me like I just farted. Poop jokes aside, onto the match with the lightest story of the night. Kidd busting out of the gate came out looking phenomenal, showing the true dynamics of the group. Natalya looked deliciously brutal with her brawl with Melina and its nice that you display the sides to the team like this early on with a big stage – the strength, the athleticism, and the feminine brutality. Nice to see Kidd pay for his high-flying antics by getting picked apart, too. These two teams are so alike dynamics wise, but I will admit, I kind of marked out a little for the Masterlock being applied to Natalya. Jesus, I really am a sick bastard, aren’t I? That aside, a great feel-good ending to that one with everyone getting their licks in and nailing the tag team finisher and also feel good in that finally someone who isn’t a heel gets away with the win tonight. Nice establishing win for the Harts co. Post-match focus was very interesting. Could be the beginnings of the breakaway Nitro needs to go for a face run…?

Long live the King? Oh, stop it you. I’m blushing Brackets look highly interesting, although I’m personally most looking forward to Haas/Kidd. Don’t fail me on that one.

Jesus, I can almost tell Jeff won’t be winning this match outright due to the furious amount of offense he displayed from the very beginning as he burned through his moveset, but as it was with Carlito, a very nice choice to have him take out all of his pent up frustrations, although I will note the lack of a count-out during both he and Carlito’s assaults. It’s no surprise that Hardy’s recklessness gets him in trouble and it wouldn’t be a Jeff Hardy match if it didn’t. DAT CHINLOCK~!! Nice use of Match Writing 101 with the heel wearing down the face and whatnot. This was a very by-the-numbers match, and it almost had too much in common with Carlito/Dykstra for my liking. The flow and face motivations were nearly identical, and the finisher spots as well. Perhaps it was intended on your part, but what get out of them being so similar is that, in a way, Kenny and Orton aren’t as different as Orton panned them out to be, but are indeed much more alike. That’s from a character perspective, but from a storytelling and match perspective it was enjoyable and both men came out looking strong, although it’s anyone’s guess where Hardy goes from here. Was a little disappointed Orton didn’t punt Jeff’s head off. Maybe Jeff and Carlito scratch each other’s back from here a little bit…? Idk. Jeff and Carlito both will be mid-card blank canvases for you in the coming months, so I’ll be watching them more closely than perhaps your main event guys.

Sounded like good-ol ‘ Boy Scout Cena to me. Moving on.

Enjoyed the video package, but since I’m a stickler for these things, it disappointed me a little. I was hoping for something focusing a little bit more on Michaels’ descent into what he’s become, but maybe I screwed you over when I did the whole ‘Lord’s Prayer’ thing a few months back. And maybe I’m just being an overanalytic stickler. Anyway, a more than great package to get in the swing of things and set the tone for what should be the most violent and telling match of the night.

There was never any question that this one was gonna be a brawl from the very get-go, so I’m glad you didn’t disappoint there. Bloody hell, this was got violent in a hurry, but I’m not complaining in the least. I’m more than psyched to see these two guys going for the kill from the instant. I found that spot where Michaels was choking Triple H out with JR’s commentary very telling for this whole thing. I’m no biblical expert by any means, but the quick shot idea of Michaels killing someone from a character standpoint would go against god and all of Michaels’ beliefs, I would assume. That’s how far that son of a bitch has gone in that he’s willingly contorting the very beliefs that so drive him. Or that could just be me being an overanalytical twat again. And speaking of looking at it in biblical terms, how about that not-eve-subtle crucifix spot, eh? Beautiful in the sense that not only does it apply to Michaels as he is now, but in the notion that, again, he’s contorted his own beliefs to the point where he doesn’t even realize he’s probably gonna wind up becoming what he hates (if he’s whipping the crucified opponent, it makes him the blind persecutor, not the religious martyr he seems to be more inclined with).

Triple H’s fury is one that’s gone unnoticed for most of this feud, but I’m glad you highlighted it when he just let everything loose on Shawn. This guy almost has as much to lose psychologically as HBK does. You captured him in prime Cerebral Assassin mode here, clearly gunning for Michaels’ back. Fuckin’ marked at the Pedigree through the table spot, HUGE moment and ‘holy shit’ worthy in top form. The ‘gree on the steel steps would’ve ended it and I really wanted to see it, but for obvious reasons, I’m glad you avoided it. Michaels’ comments while in the Figure Four was gold, as it displays not only just how sick a bastard he is, but it’s actually still in line with Shawn Michaels. I remember him uttering something very similar to that in his match with McMahon at ‘Mania 22. My goodness were the last several minutes of that simply brutal. The signature defiance in Michaels used for dark purposes was excellent, and even Trips’ last stand was heartwrenching. It ended poetically, if brutally. A damn good match that’ll haunt some for a while, I can see. The post-match was infinitely chilling with the scream of Steph echoing in my mind while Shawn gives last rites…that’s some eerie shit right there, mate. Trips’ll be out for a while, but where does that leave HBK to go…? Does he now head the McMahon charge?

I’m still curious as to why oldies Shawn Michaels is on the poster and not a more modern version…

This scene was beautiful. Most time, PPV segments eat up time or give a last minute spectrum on things, but this one was actually beautiful. Just the emotions between Linda, Steph, and the lack therefore of from Vince were so great, it was almost tragic. Now it’s not just guys like Michaels’ psyche in jeopardy, but Vince’s as well. Loved this.

After the emotional tugs of the match and subsequent segments before it, I was a tad bit emotionally drained going into this one, which is almost assuredly why it was placed here. Gonna go along with Wolfy and say that it was tough to get into this one because of the drainage and the title change is kind of lost in a way. Will say the entire time, I was actually impressed with Victoria and Beth beating the living hell out of Mickie together for as long as they did. At any rate, very happy that Beth got the win at the title here, although I didn’t like that she got it through the predictable means in which she did, but I can more than understand why. Mickie not eating the pin keeps her looking on the up, with more than enough fuel in this one for an Act III. Specialty match at ONS/near future plz.

Oh hey, Claudio. Nice of you to display him in such a manner. It’ll be interesting to see where he can break in and rank, especially with a lack of heels in the midcard as Wolfy noted. Lol @ the ‘Swish Aristocrat’ line.

Solid package for what should be the a cracker of a main event. I think I’ve commended you once before on it, but again, some kudos on the delayed introductions to give the match an even bigger time feel. As for the contest itself the feeing out didn’t stay too long as they can sometimes, and it was great that they seemed so evenly matched for a great deal of it, opposing the likes back-and-forth likes of some of the other matches on the card. You’ve pulled out quite a few German suplexes tonight, I’ve noticed. Not saying there’s anything wrong with that, just a mundane observation. VAN TERMINATOR, even with no chair, is mark-out worthy. Cena taking a brunt of virtually everything RVD has to throw at him was very much well done, especially in stark contrast to the dark way we saw Michaels using it not too long before. The stuff leading up the Superplex was great back and forth structure. The pause in the action was necessary, seeing as how these guys were going full metal for a while. While I understand Cena kickout of the Five Star and it certainly tells the story of him being able to beat Cena or not, the Five Star has been watered down a bit in this thread and that I don’t like. It was one of those finishers I don’t think I’ve ever seen any one kick out of and several of your RVD’s last few opponents have done so. But that’s more of me nitpicking than anything. Business picking up from the now uninhibited McMahon clan, and Christ that second announce table spot was sick. The anarchy was nicely done, Van Dam overcoming everything is a nice touch and even greater was with that whole feel-good ‘overcoming the odds’ moment from RVD into the mood whiplash of him getting planted with the FU. Excellent whiplash of psychology there, only to whip right back when Van Dam kicked out. Awesome win for RVD, especially considering that McMahon and Co. did what they wanted to do, but in the end, it mattered little, as RVD still got his very definitive win over the face of the company.

Overall, a terrific showing from the MVP of the last year himself. I think it was the former King who pointed it out earlier, but you do a great job of controlling yourself when it comes to your big shows, unlike some of us who just let it all hang out and never know when to quit. The only criticisms I have for this baby were the flow similarities of Dykstra/Carlito and Hardy/Orton and the placement of the Women’s match/title change, but other than that, it was on board as a top-notch effort. I do hope this hangover mode is over now so everything can start coming together in more glorious fashion than it already has. This, fittingly, gets the KingKirby seal of approval, duder


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