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Re: 2012-13 English Premier League/Cups Thread (feat. Joel - THE RIGHT ONE)

Originally Posted by Expectnomercy316 View Post
Chelsea are charging Arsenal fans £60 for the game tomorrow! Now when Arsenal charged Man City £60 there were lots of anti-Arsenal stories in the press. However there is no mention of this when Chelsea do it. That is because Arsenal fans have not returned any tickets as it is sold out. The real issue seems to be Man City fans are cheap
No. The issue is that City fans had the bottle/ability to say enough was enough and that £62 for a football game just wasn't a viable option. Arsenal fans on the other hand had greater demand which meant people bought tickets even if anyone boycotted and therefore no mention of tickets being returned made it into the media. Ticket prices have been extorionate for years now. The only reason the Arsenal-City story made it into the press was because 900 tickets were returned, which showed a clear rejection and stance from City fans about trying to force Arsenal to reconsider their future prices. No story would have blown up if City had sold 3,000 tickets, aside from the odd piece from someone like David Conn questioning the price there would have been hardly any fuss.

You can't misread the entire point about £62 being an absolute joke to charge anyone for a game of football by taking it as a vendetta against Arsenal. 'Man City fans being cheap' is also mind-blowingly dense given the context of what they were being charged.
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