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Re: Xbox 720 may 'block' used games

Originally Posted by Rayfu View Post
I'm 85% we have a thread on this, but since I cant find it it may of been in the xbox 720 roum thread soooo not sure if this good or not
I thought I posted on here about Sony doing this with Playstation 4. I can see both companies talking to each other:

Sony: "Hi Microsoft. "I know we're rivals, but listen, I have a proposal"
Microsoft: "Is this about us lending you Halo in exchange for Uncharted on X Box?"
Sony: "Nah, cause Halo sucks now, Killzone is better"
Microsoft: "Fuck you it is. What do you want?"
Sony: "I think we should both launch in 2013, and ban used games. We're both losing money from this, right?
Microsoft: "But if you do that and we do not, We'd look like nice guys"
Sony: "And if you did it with us, you'd actually save money. People would just cave and accept it, the sheep won't dare stop buying games. And they'd buy more games new, so while you might look cooler, you'd make less money.
Microsoft: ok you make a good point. Ok, fuck the people, let's do it. We need to make more money anyhoe, we need to sell like 20 million units these days to break even.
Sony: 20 million? We had to sell 35 million!
Microsoft: Rofl @ you - how's that free online gaming working out? XBox Live ftw. By the way, how's that Kevin Butler guy doing? Saw him playing Wii a few months back. lol?
Sony: Fuck off, just block used games, kthx. *click*

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