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Re: I Like The Way You Die Boy - Django Unchained Movie Discussion

I really enjoyed this.

I thought Di Caprio, Jackson, Waltz and Foxx all acted brilliantly, and they all deserve all of the merit they get.

I don't know if I can spoil anything here? I'm not familiar with using spoiler tags, so don't read ahead if you don't want it spoiled....


The only thing I thought wasn't great was when Django was captured at the end, sold and then bartered with Tarantino and other Australians. The final shoot out scene and shoot out scene before then was fantastically over the top, but I just didn't enjoy that scene. It seemed to me like that didn't fit. I mean, it obviously fitttt, I just didn't accept it. Sure enough they could have killed him but thought this was worse, but I just thought the ending went WILD with the dinner scene, IMMENSE with the shoot out involving Di Caprio and Waltz's chraracter, DULL with the Australians, then WILD again for the final shoot out. Anybody else feel that way? I downloaded it so I honestly feel like I downloaded a cut of it that wasn't necessarily shown in cinemas because that bit, especially because it was Tarantino, was a joke.

I also read a lot of film websites and magazines and time and time again it came up about how Walt Goggins was to blow everyone away in this film and it was to make him a star. I never read reviews because I didn't want to spoil it, but anyone have any idea why his role seemed so lackluster after reading so much about him? He was good, but he was just a bit part player and had been built and built.

I've also read the scene about the blood, and we as wrestling fans know better than anyone that real blood can improve something massively but also needs to be used safely, and as much as I believe it's real I can only think that Di Caprio and Washington were as close as can be because I can't really accept that anyone would have someone wipe blood on them without them expecting it.

Don Johnson was classic in this, too, and his scene and scenes involving his farm were amazing. "Are you positive it is him?" "Iunno," "You're not positive?" "I dunno what positive mean..." haha, I legit at that moment thought this film was one of the best I had ever seen. Waltz's acting in this was amazing.

Did anyone else see the man fall off his horse when they were all running down the hill and get trampled? And how James Ramar randomly played two parts?
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