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Re: TNA ratings

Originally Posted by Scorpion Deathdrop View Post
I think it's just a sign of the times. WWE has been hovering around 2-3 ratings with SD! and RAW. WCW and WWF both used to split nearly 10 nielsen points (WWF had 6s while WCW had 2s SIMULCAST (Both shows on at same time)). RAW is now unopposed, yet instead of having a rating of 6-10, it's down to 3-4.

Of course they altered the nielsen a few years back, so it's actually higher than the actual number (TNA's 1.1 ratings are usually 1.6 million viewers).

But I don't think TNA can get past its 1.2 ratings anymore than WWE can get past it's 3.2 ratings.
Raw has been hovering right around 2.2 to 2.5 for quite awhile. That tells me that TNA has about half of their audience, which isn't that bad since TNA doesn't have that WWE logo to flash in the corner of the screen.

Wrestling isn't in a "boom period". Its not cool to be a wrestling fan like it was in the late 90's when the NWO and Attitude Era was running wild. Not sure what you meant by WWF had 6s while WCW had 2s. WCW beat WWF in ratings 88 straight weeks when wrestling was at its best. If I'm misunderstanding your wording, please correct me.

Just keep putting out a good product. That is all TNA can do. They have the best wrestling show on TV for males 18-45 demographic. They need to get on the road regularly, keep putting out a good product, and stay consistent in what demographic they are targeting. There will be another "boom period" sometime. Its just not right now.

Think of it this way... TNA has been hovering right around 1.1-1.3 for a long time. It never drops, it never raises. WWE has been dropping in ratings consistently for a couple years now. That says something. What that tells me, is that TNA has loyal fans of wrestling. WWE has kids and moms that will drop you at anytime.
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