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Re: Is Punk's run as champ more impressive than Bruno's?

Originally Posted by The Dude View Post
how is he "killing the business?" considering he is one large half of one of the ONLY story line any WWE fans give a shit about. Haters gonna hate but trust me if anything he is one of the best things going for WWE right now.
Originally Posted by Choke2Death View Post
What you consider the most entertaining (or "one of the best things going for WWE") is not necessarily what's doing the best business. Punk is "killing the business" because he's part of the terrible product that is constantly decreasing when it comes to profits. Decreasing ratings, buyrates, merch sales, show attendances and so on. And as champion for over a year, he deserves some of the blame placed on his shoulders.

I know Punk marks have a hard time accepting that, but it is what it is. I was in denial the very same way back in the 2011 summer when I actually found Punk entertaining and supported him.
So because Punk is part of a terrible product he's killing the business? So I take it no one should hold the championship, since they're all part of the product? John Cena and CM Punk are one and two in ratings, merchandise sales, and PPV buys. Less of them = bad. I take it HBK and Bret Hart were killing the business when it was down in between Austin and Hogan, right? No, the blame goes to the guys who aren't all-time greats, not the all-time greats who aren't AS GREAT AS Austin and Hogan.

Also, I'd say the product is pretty good right now, but the fact is ratings have fallen consistently since November '99 when Austin got his yr long back injury. Not an excuse, but it does mean that recently fallen ratings aren't themselves an indicator. Was the SD golden age of Angle/Lesnar/Taker/Guerrero/Mysterio/Benoit killing the business? Cuz ratings were falling. Were Orton and HHH killing the business when they, along with Cena, ruled Monday Night Raw? I don't think so, but I consider today's WWE to be better than those yrs (well, today's Raw at least; today's SD is kinda weak). Were Batista and Undertaker killing the business when ratings were going down?

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