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Re: Controversial letter to lesbian couple sparks outrage

On the flip side, did any of us choose to be straight? No. We were just born to be attracted to women. We never made a conscious effort.
Just becuse you where "born" that way dont mean you cant pick later, I was born a guy, people change that all the time

I dont know if its a choice or not, but just because you did not make an effort don't mean you cant make an effort to chnage, it just means you did not

It's been seen in other species of animals and this has been going on with humans since the Roman Empire.
And being a boy\girl has been for ever, still people choice to chnage it\wish to\make an effort.

I never heard of someone getting lung cancer for being gay or killing someone in a car accident while being under the influence of gay.
No you have not, but he belives it dose these things, he may be wrong, but he dont think he is (like you dont) and it dont stop form you making choices based on what you belive why cant he?

Hell is a metaphor in The Bible. There isn't actually a place where people burn for eternity. There are people living in Hell right now on Earth. It's all about perception.
Many Christians belive its a real place, even if it IS not real, he also talked about HERE in this life and ruining it.
and your right its about perception, his perception is that its wrong and that it causes problems, problems he feels these pepole should be warned about and try to safe them.


Why do you keep making ridiculous comparisons for homosexuality by acting like it's a destructive behavior that ruins lives?
Because the guy's whole letter was about it doing just that? he believes it DOSE ruin lifes

I've said a billion times it may not, but he believes it dose

Just like you belive hatting gays is wrong, and you act on your belief, he acts on his

Also please awnser my question, if psychopaths are born that way is it okay for them to kill? (my point being that just becuse your born with somehting dont make it ok, dont mean being gay is wrong either)

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