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Re: Controversial letter to lesbian couple sparks outrage

Originally Posted by Rayfu View Post

Again THERE IS NO PROOF EITHER WAY that being gay is something your born with, the top scientist in the world can not prove it yet, they believe they find something that MAY cause it, but hence they say MAY, its still a theory
On the flip side, did any of us choose to be straight? No. We were just born to be attracted to women. We never made a conscious effort.

Any "proof" you have is not enough for science to say that it is or not a choice and so its not a fact yet.
It's been seen in other species of animals and this has been going on with humans since the Roman Empire.

As for what he expected, he wanted to warn them, like you might warn someone who drinks all the time and drives, or smokes
I never heard of someone getting lung cancer for being gay or killing someone in a car accident while being under the influence of gay.

He was caring for these people like you would if you found out your sibling was drinking and driving.

Is it right? thats above my pay grade, but the REASON he did it is what matters here, he did not do it cause he hate them, he did not do it cause he wanted to burn in hell

he wants them to be SAVED form hell, he ddnt want them in hell, he dont want their lifes to be ruined.*
Hell is a metaphor in The Bible. There isn't actually a place where people burn for eternity. There are people living in Hell right now on Earth. It's all about perception.

*Of course it may all be a masrade and he wants them to and he did it to insult them but we can in no way say that what he DID as fact, we cant know what he felt when he wrote it, but it dont show someone hating them it showed someone writing a letter to someone who dose the big time drugs begging them to change their ways before its to late
it showed someone writing a letter to their brother who cuts him self all the time beggin him to stop
You're all over the place with this one.

would it have any affect? not likely, but same for drug users, do you know what the rate of those who stop before they die is for some of those drugs? dose it mean we should not try to help them? of course not, we should try becuse if we save ONE of them then its worth it.
Why do you keep making ridiculous comparisons for homosexuality by acting like it's a destructive behavior that ruins lives?

Thank you Edge.

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