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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

This is Exile Feedback

Very late, my apologies...Obviously everybody was disappointed this wasn’t in full, yourself probably more than anyone but it’s totally understandable, happened to us all!! Anyways let’s get to it!!

Kicking off with the two technicians wasn’t a bad route to go and would’ve no doubt been a hot paced, back and forth affair. Pleased to see that it was very much a ‘Try it, I’ll counter it’ kinda match with you playing up how they know each other inside out, made a lot of sense. Finish was well worked and I liked the aftermath with both men ‘heeling it up’ and laughing about it. Was worried this could be the beginning of the end for these two but I think they’ve got legs in the tag ranks so happy to see that’s not the case, for now anyway.

Hmm, interested to see if this goes anywhere with the blonde girl, that’s the main thing I took from this. Might just be you adding a new layer to Nameth’s character but if it is a valet incoming I wouldn’t oppose it. Good win for American Made and I’m sure it would have been an entertaining match. The Sliced Bread/Electric Chair Drop/German Suplex tower would’ve been a crazy spot too.

Would’ve maybe spread the tag matches out a bit more rather than back to back but I guess it was a different kinda style to the one prior. Star showed off his usual flashy spots nicely while the rest of the action seemed pretty standard for these guys. The Mercs just walking out was a little odd. Why would they just decide that so far into the match? If it was Carlito’s actions, fair enough but the ‘better offer’ was a bit weird as surely they’d have had that better offer before the match? But anyways, the Mercs now aligning with Regal is great and I look forward to where you go with it. Ending was a bit blah for me. Lito winning was what I wanted before the match, I got it but at the same time, I don’t believe he should’ve beaten three guys on his own. Admttedly Crazy was down and Psicosis got distracted but it all seemed a little too simple considering the numbers game.

This one was never gonna reach the heights of their first encounter, especially with it only being recap, however it was still a strong showing. Obvious that Kofi was gonna get the scores tied and if there’s a rubber match to come then all I can say is bring it on.

Tommy Dreamer was a wise choice here and it made a lot of sense considering that Van Dam was in attendance. Brutal display from Finlay and I think his message was loud and clear. Van Dam coming to check on Dreamer surprised me as I expected Finlay to maybe confront him, considering his motives of late so that surprised me a little, both in regards to Van Dam and Finlay not going back into the ring.

Helms was always winning this but pleased to see Low Ki have a strong showing in a competitive match between the two. Aftermath again only emphasised Ki’s warrior like status nicely. Helms/Danielson continuation should be strong once it gets going again.

Ah here we go, the big one!! Christian and Lashley as the first two makes a whole lot of sense, the history’s there already and we pick up where we left off regarding Christian’s in ring activities anyway. Doane in next and I didn’t expect him to just stand off as he did, knew he couldn’t resist too long and nice to see the weapons on display early doors. Things certainly picked up once Wright came in. 3 on 2 with Lashley and the Giant on one side, you’d expect business to pick up. The KO punch from Wright to Danielson would’ve been absolutely brutal, ouch.

Holy crap, things really did pick up here. Punk going through the pod would’ve been insane, I can just imagine the sound of the glass now, yikes. Christian going crazy with the chair made sense, he really has just lost it and developed into this crazed one man crusade. Jericho refusing to leave his pod, classic Worthy Man Jericho in this thread. Loved the little nod back to Danielson’s orbital injury btw, him being busted open there makes a ton of sense. Lotta blood here, me like, Joe came in and was like a house on fire, Jericho and Wright going through would’ve sounded like a trillion gun shots I’m sure although maybe a bit too close to Punk being sent through one.

Bloody hell, those first eliminations were CRAZY. I knew you’d have some ridiculous stuff up your sleeve and this was exactly that. Joe and Wright gone in a MAJOR way, just plain brutal, didn’t disappoint me at all. Doane next was the right call, weakest of all the guys involved so Punk getting rid of him was pleasing. Beautiful way to eliminate Punk right after though, mid air Codebreaker is a winner in my book. Danielson comes out of this thing looking even more enhanced despite his elimination, he hang in there for a huge amount of time and only got taken out by a devastating spear. You’re gonna have to make whoever takes his CW title look like a million dollars for me to think they can beat BD.

Was a tiny bit disappointed that Jericho then went. I really wanted it to go down to Jericho and Christian although I’m sure you’re simply saving that for elsewhere. Two men starting are the two men to finish, I can live with it, gives them a huge rub in terms of sheer will to win. EMPHATIC finish from CC, one man con-chair-to probably knocking the fuck outta B-Lash to wrap up a 60 minute spectacular. All I can say is…DAMN I wish this was in full lol.

On the whole a very solid showing up to the main event before an EPIC final contest. If this was written in full it would’ve blown anything and everything else out of the water, have no doubts about it. Some of the action, some of the spots, the blood, the chaos, the creativity was all superb while the right call in having Christian bring it home. Very much looking to the fall out from this, don’t keep us waiting too long. Good job King.
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