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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Smackdown Feedback

Strong start to the show with this promo and it was pleasing to see you give such spotlight to the Intercontinental Title scene. Rhodes was pretty much on point in the opening, all the disfigurement stuff fitted well. Regal was very much in character, enjoyed their back and forth on peasants and royalty, was a good comeback from Rhodes with that. Regal then playing up the importance of the title was again very pleasing to see, makes this one feel big going into HIAC. I didn’t particularly like Regal’s ‘I’m a thug, what did you really expect anyway?’ line. Don’t know whether that was Regal making a joke, a line underneath might’ve suited in there, the way he said it and whatnot. Adding Sin Cara to the mix makes sense but at the same time I think a Rhodes/Regal feud has legs following this promo, very solid.

Good win for Fighting for Freedom here, allows them to continue their momentum. Hopefully they kick on a little bit following the PPV.

Not surprised to see a little interaction between Christian and Morrison although I wasn’t massively keen on it. I thought Morrison should’ve had a little more to say than he did while Christian was decent for what he had to voice, would’ve liked a little more though, bit more aggression too.

Pretty standard interview with Orton here, did its job hyping HIAC somewhat while not giving away too much about ‘The Worm’.

Surprisingly lengthy match between Gabriel and Mahal here but I like it. When I saw it was these two head to head I expected a short victory for Gabriel considering he’s been pushed somewhat but making this into a mini feud wouldn’t be a bad thing for either man. Good stuff.

Very interesting developments here between Kelly and Eve, no doubt it would make better viewing than reading, right? Job evaluation for T-Long, hmmm, intriguing, not sure where that one’s going.

Really strong match here between these two and if this is a preview of HIAC then I can’t wait. Excellent TV contest and a big win for Cara too giving him some momentum. Thought Rhodes would show his face and maybe take them both out but this was certainly a different approach, has me guessing a bit more going into the PPV.

Mahal attacking Gabriel? Mini feud in the making as expected, I like it, hopefully it’s not too one sided in the South African’s favour. Well actually, scratch that, Mahal sucks unless he’s rocking out so do as you please.

Don’t think there was any need for this Teddy Long segment to be out on stage. Maybe if this was announced at the start of the show in his office or something. Bit too short and lacking in importance for that but as for the announcement, it makes sense.

Again, little bit short here from Sheamus and I’m a bit surprised to hear from him as we have that ‘final confrontation’ later on tonight. Could’ve maybe had this used elsewhere.

Very good promo from Barrett here. Captured his character very well, could totally imagine what he was saying and his intentions for Sunday were made very clear. Knew Scotty was on the way and made sense, bit of light hearted stuff before Barrett whips him lol. Clever stuff. Aftermath was hit and miss, Barrett’s bit was good but I’d have preferred Orton to simply run down and get things going, no need for words. Looking forward to these two going at it at HIAC.

Quite liked this with Kidd. Was one of those short segments that did make sense to be so to the point. Kidd’s little jab at Long maybe not having a job was nice too.

Big win for Christian here in a solid match up. Not really sure where Morrison goes from this but I would imagine Captain Charisma will be meeting with Mr.Helmsley next week, should be a good one.

Now for what we’ve been waiting for. Really, really enjoyed this, was probably the best thing I’ve seen you write. Henry was all kinds of awesome, just a sheer badass who’s not afraid of anything unlike most heels today. The ‘ARE YOU STUPID BOY?’ had me rolling . Him interrupting Sheamus Irish tale as well was great. Really strong interaction building to HIAC, sold it perfectly here. The characters from both men were nailed on and the tension evident with neither man backing down. Keep up the good word and learn from this regarding your other characters, if you can get them up there with these two and Barrett also then you’ll be riding high soon.

On the whole some very good stuff in this. The opening and closing promos especially shined for me while the Regal/Cara and Christian/Morrison matches were strong. A few things felt a bit short and flat that I mentioned but I’m sure after HIAC things are only going to pick up and you’re only going to keep on improving. Looking forward to HIAC, bring it on fella.
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