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Re: Star Wars New Republic Mafia - Game Thread - NIGHT 6

Night Six

Mikey Damage was bossing it up as usual when he inexplicably lost control of his fighter and crashed into an asteroid.

Spoiler for Mikey Damage was...:

"If you had your way, you'd continue flying snubfighters and commanding fighter squadrons until you were a century old."
- Ackbar, to Wedge Antilles

You're Wedge Antilles, New Republic aligned. You're a hero of the New Republic and founder of Rogue Squadron. You've never needed the force to kick serious ass.

Jack of All Trades - Throughout the game you can perform each of the following abilities once. Only one ability can be used per night.


IMPULSE was moping about feeling lonely without his sister when someone offered a remedy in the form of shooting him in the face.

Spoiler for IMPULSE was...:

"I have a feeling we just draw adventure to ourselves."
- Jacen Solo

You're Jacen Solo, New Republic aligned. You're the older son of Han Solo and Leia Organa. You've got also a twin sister named Jaina. You've both been trained in the force to become Jedi.

Mason - You can communicate with your twin

Day 7 Begins. With 7 alive, it is 4 for a lynch.
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