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Re: CM Punk training in Jiu Jitsu with Gracie and Ed "Al Bundy" O'Neill

Originally Posted by SinJackal View Post
I already responded to most of those points. Punk being on the road and not training does not counter my point in the slightest, it helps cement it. It only bolsters my point that he doesn't spend much time training.

Thanos' comment also doesn't matter. Rubbing more than a couple brain cells together, one would surmise that him being the celebrity pro wrestler and WWE champion CM Punk is far more likely to get people to challenge him than having a belt grade above white would. You'd have to be incredibly gullable to believe that he hides his actual status for that silly reason. Wearing a white belt doesn't hide his face or change his name. Nor does it turn away the camera recording and taking pictures of his training sessions.

Punk's belt level is white, that's why he wears white. The evidence is in the picture. Everyone else in the picture are wearing their properly colored belts too.

I'm not even expressing my opinion. It's a viewable fact.
And I wasn't trying to counter any points, I was just giving some info on how the ranking in BJJ works and how it differs from some other arts since it looked like you were asking an honest question. Being stuck at white belt level in karate would have been more to derive specifics from. I won't comment on how good or bad he is because I have no knowledge about that (I don't even know how long he's been training).

I wouldn't mind having private lessons with Rener or Rorion like Punk and Al though.
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