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Re: CM Punk training in Jiu Jitsu with Gracie and Ed "Al Bundy" O'Neill

Originally Posted by Issues_Sunshyne View Post
To be fair, someone as busy as CM Punk must be, it's impressive if he finds the time to do anything like this on a regular basis.

Also, I just replied to the thread, but in essence of the argument, did CM Punk actually say he is MMA trained or anything like that, or is this simply Extreme Punk fans VS Extreme Punk haters? Not to piss anyone off, I suppose I just have little interest in it, or not enough to try to get attention for it, but has anyone any evidence as the where CM Punk claims to be a bad ass and/or that he has claimed to be MMA trained or anything but practicing in martial arts? I'm completely ignorant in it and feel like I'm missing a lot from this discussion.

Also... There is an ignore list on a public forum? I'm amazed at that. I could never bring myself to ignore someone for disagreeing with me, nor if they were king of the trolls. Bizarre.

Finally, threads like this either amuse me or make me pity the way people actually think. How can a picture of CM Punk, Gracies and an actor who has no relevance on this forum apart from being in this picture cause such a debate it forces massive opinion divides, arguments, trolling and nonsensical discussion meandering? If you see this picture and your first thought is to shit on CM Punk then you must know you're a troll, and opposite if you see this as a point to counteract and say how tough Punk really is then there isn't really a point.

This is just a cool picture of interesting people together seemingly having a laugh. How it can get from that to people resorting to childish name calling, block lists and threats is beyond me.
Nope Punk has never said he is trained in MMA, he has said he "trains/practices" Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu, Kempo Karate, and Muah Thai Kickboxing but has never claimed to be a master in any of those. This thread is basically full of Ignorant Punk haters coming in to shit on everything Punk related like they usually while "Punk fans" defend the stupid outlandish claims as usual. There are zero Punk fans making outlandish statements on here, so I'm sure it can easily be seen where the intelligence lies, but I digress.

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