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Re: Eric Bischoff almost put the WWF out of the business

nWo was incredible...For about one year, a year and a half. Even the best angles have shelf lives.

nWo and the stables formed to combat it consumed the WCW and it became parodic with things like Latino World Order, nWo Japan, then nWo split and there was Black and White/Hollywood nWo and then there was Wolfpac/Red and Black from that split, nWo B-listers/B-Squad/B Team which was referred to as Black and white when nWo Hollywood was also referred to as nWo Black and White, the Reunion after the split which was appropriately enough called nWo Reunion.

They had a 3 hour show, 2 hour show, other shows and monthly PPVs and all it was was nWo, Wolfpac, B lister nWo, nWo Hollywood, "Which nWo will win? Will the Gobbledygooker join nWo 'Who in the Blue Hell Gives A Fuck'?" That was almost all the product talked about on an 8 hour a week basis for years.

This all started May 1996 and by the time the company just stopped doing nWo related stuff more than 35 separate wrestlers had been in an nWo faction and it was April 2000.

That is why. If WCW had one more idea on the level of nWo and dropped it early '98, we might be typing in the General WCW forum right now. But they just ran nWo into the ground.
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