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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I've just got up TLC III and I will be doing a live feedback of it as I watch. I'm genuinely excited as I honestly can't for the life of me remember anything about it, here we go:

Aaaah the ovaltron, how I love thee. Damn I miss that ovaltron, always thought it was better than the fist although nothing against the fist as I absolutely loved that too.

Bubba Ray takes hits like a champ, I guess that is what growing up in ECW does for ya. That seat drop off the top rope always looked like it hurt when it missed, fuck my ass already feels like a Japanese flag just thinking about it. He also hits like a champ, brilliant ladder throw at Jeff Hardy, even better than the chair he threw at Hardy at TLC I.

WALLS OF FUCKING JERICHO ON TOP OF THE LADDER. Now that is awesome. I always thought something like that was missing from TLC I but we didn't have any submission specialists in the original. Straight after that, damn Christian went over the fucking top rope from the ladder, not sure that was planned but that looked like it hurt! Please don't try this at home.

A fucking suplex off the ladder now. This is brilliant. I'm about 7 or so minutes into the actual match and I can feel that this is going feel like a much better watch overall than TLC I. It's been awesome thus far, I can't believe I haven't seen this any sooner. Fuck my life.


Jesus H. Christ, Chris Jericho just took a shot to the head like a pro, what a hit. Nice 3D to the table on Christian, saw that at TLC I though but I suppose it HAD to happen!

I'm not Hardys biggest fan but I respect all the times he has done something that I know has physically hurt his body for the entertainment of the fans and that leg drop over the ladder and through Bubba and the announce table was sweet as hell.

Fuckkk, we got another spear spot from the top of the ladder, that was brilliant. Not quite as good as Hardys one (just because it was so fucking epic and had to be perfect) but it was still pretty damn sweet to see!

and Benoit climbs the ladder, selling the beating and his ribs to a tee, and regains the gold for himself and Jericho. Damn what a fine fucking match.

I can't believe this was on TV. It was better than any of the PPV TLC matches I have ever seen and it is a definite **** 1/2, just superb from all men. I just wish one day we can get something even half as good as the tag team division was in the late 90s/early 00s in the WWE.
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