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Re: Pinnacle Combat :The Dark Horse Of Revolution

Pinnacle Combat : Apex Road 3
July 25th
Denver, Colorado

The scene fades into the end of the last show.

The crowd cheers as KENTA looks at Goto and Tatsu. The scene abruptly cuts to Tazz and two masked men.

Tazz : Hey...let go...of me you son of a-

They throw Tazz in a car. Both masked men look at each other then enter the car and ride off into the night.
Dustin Hart appears on stage. He is holding a microphone and wearing a tuxedo: red shirt with a black jacket and matching pants with black shoes. He doesn't feel like engaging the crowd as he ignore the waves of pop and admiration being flown his way. His facial features tell his entire story before he gets into the ring. He's beyond furious at Tazz and whether he's seen the ending of Apex Road 2 or not will be assumed tonight. He doesn't change his expression walking down the ramp slowly. His body oozes a caged aggressive attitude waiting to break. The chairman stares coldly at the steel steps for a while as the crowd cheers huge for their idol. He begins his march up the steel steps. Upon entering the ring, he stares at the stage, twirling the microphone in his hand. The crowd realizes the vexation and dim down pronto.

Dustin : You know. I haven't seen Tazz in the past 6 days. It irks me that he didn't show up and he wants me to think he's reliable and responsible? With things to address such as Joey LeBell, the Shinjiketo and the fate of the Pinnacle Championship, I'm appalled at the recklessness and flakiness of Tazz. It's disgusting.

The crowd stays silent knowing what actually happened to Tazz.

Dustin Hart : As your chairman, I will be taking control of Apex Road until further notice.

The crowd pops and the video screen and it flashes TV static until it then fades over to two masked men. The man on the left is wearing a ski mask with a number one spray painted on the mask. As the man to the right, he is wearing a similar ski mask with a number two spray painted on it. There is one light which shines on him. Something incoherent is happening in the background.

Masked Man #1 : As the abductor, I see a crossroad.

Dustin Hart : Who are you and how did you get onto the vid-

Masked Man #2 : Shut up! We will be asking the questions and you will be answering them. Not the other way around.

Dustin Hart stares at the screen and remains silent.

Masked Man #2 : I see your foresight Hart. I don't like it. Equality is corruption. I see Tazz's foresight and I came to handle justice before it was too late. Chaos is key. You want ratings. You are a businessman not a true wrestling fan. So I decided to abduct a key role in your show. Your general manager.

He steps away from the camera and Tazz is seen. A clothe is tied around the mouth of Tazz, he is also handcuffed and restrained from the legs. He is screaming muffled noises at the camera, possibly calls for help as Dustin is shocked and astonished at the reason to why Tazz didn't clock in.

Dustin : What are your demands?

Masked Man #2 : Shut the hell up! We ask the questions here. Not. You.

Masked Man #1 : We will be back during All Out Assault. Be there.

The scene changes to TV static. Dustin Hart stares cold at the TV as two men appear on stage at the wrong place at the wrong time : Jack Swagger and JTG.

JTG : Sir. We have been talking it over and we decided to come to you and present our complaint.

Jack Swagger : Dustin Hart, I seen what just happened and this is a bad time but time is running out.

JTG and Jack Swagger are walking down the ramp.

JTG : You see, KENTA and his crew attacked me...

Jack Swagger : ...and me...

JTG : Yeah, whatever, and I don't see it fair that Paul London gets the rematch and not me.

Jack Swagger : ...and me...

JTG : Okay, okay, okay Swagger. Anyways, I think this crowd deserves a champion that worked for his belt fair and square. That isn't KENTA and Paul London lost to KENTA. If anything, the top dog in Pinnacle Combat is me.

Jack Swagger : ...and me! Listen Hart, sir, you are the chairman. You can solve this problem easily. If you can put us in the main event, I won't let you down.

Dustin Hart stares at them coldly and leaves the ring.

JTG : Sir-

Dustin Hart turns around and walks back up the steel steps and into the ring.

Dustin Hart : Tag Team Match. JTG and Jack Swagger will face Super Crazy and Jushin Liger. Winning team gets number one contendership. Now, get out of my face!

They promptly and swiftly exited the ring and ran up the ramp and behind the curtain. The cameras swing over to the commentators Amy Dumas and Todd Grisham.

Amy Dumas : Welcome to Pinnacle Combat. I am Amy Dumas alongside my partner Todd Grisham.

Todd Grisham : We have 4 huge matches this week! First we have Kytakauki vs Joey LeBell. Two rookies will face off.

Amy Dumas : After that, we will see the bubbling rivalry finally take place in the ring. Adam Cole will be facing John Morrison.

Todd Grisham : After that, this new rivalry will also be taking place in the ring. Adam Cole will be taking on John Morrison.

Amy Dumas : Lastly, our main event. A rematch. Paul London will compete against KENTA but for now we will be showcasing our tag team division. Pac and Ricochet will be making their in-ring debut against Rhett Titus and Kenny King.

Pac and Ricochet run down the ramp and slides into the ring. They go to the top of the turnbuckle in one leap. They pose for the fans as Rhett Titus and Kenny King are seen walking down the ramp with an arrogant attitude. Kenny King slides into the ring and Rhett Titus walks up the steel steps and enters the ring.

Match #1
Pac and Ricochet vs Kenny King and Rhett Titus
Tag Team Match
Number One Contendership for the Pinnacle Tag Team Championship

The referee rings the bell and the match is underway. Pac and Kenny King start out. The two stare at each other before circling the canvas. After a few moments they lock up. Pac gets the advantage but King goes for a back suplex but no! Pac lands on his feet. The two stare at each other again, knowing this match was more challenging then they thought. Pac and Kenny King lock up. Kenny King gets the advantage this time and bashes Pac's head into the turnbuckle. He continues this vicious routine until the referee splits them up. Kenny King smirks then pushes Pac back in the corner and goes to attack but Pac counters with an elbow to the face. He then goes to the top rope and connects a dropkick which sends King back and the crowd on their feet! Pac then scrambles up to his feet and picks up Kenny King. He goes for an Irish whip and sends Kenny to the ropes. Upon return, Pac lands a nice rana then connects with a standing corkscrew shooting star press which he calls British Airways. The crowd cannot believe what they saw. Pac then goes to the corner and signals for a 450 splash. He looks at Kenny and drags him closer to be safe then climbs the turnbuckle in one leap. He stands on the turnbuckle but Rhett Titus comes to sabotage his plans but Pac kicks him away which makes Titus lose his balance and land on the crowd barrier. Pac then stands back up on the turnbuckle and dives for a picture perfect 450 splash until Kenny King puts up his knees and Pac gets the air blown out of his lungs with an impressive counter. Kenny King pins Pac. 1...2! Quick kick out from Pac which means this match will continue. Kenny King gets up and goes to the ropes and connects a surprise springboard clothesline to the just recovering Pac. Kenny King tags in Rhett Titus who doesn't hesitate and runs to the ropes. Pac is just getting up again and Rhett Titus leaps over Pac and hits a leg drop bulldog which he likes to call the Thrust Buster. He then signals that he is going to end the match and the crowd pops loud. He goes to the top rope and taunts Pac a bit before diving for a frog splash! He connects. He pins Pac! 1...2...Foot on the rope! Rhett Titus then picks up Pac but Pac unleashes his hidden energy and hits a huge right fist then a left then a right and connects left and right respective kicks. Rhett pushes him back to avoid anymore kicks but instead Pac responds with a super kick! Rhett stumbles back and Kenny tags himself into the match! Kenny clotheslines Pac and roars into the crowd. Kenny then picks up Pac and throws him into the turnbuckle. King rushes to Pac but Pac hits a suprise cutter! Pac then goes to the top rope and connects a 630 senton! He then crawls over and tags Ricochet! The crowd goes crazy as Rhett Titus interferes but Ricochet throws him out of the ring! Pac then dives over the top rope and lands a plancha dive. Ricochet goes to the top rope and connects a double rotation moonsault! The crowd is on the edge of their seats as Ricochet pins Kenny King. 1...2...3!

Winner by Pinfall : Pac and Ricochet

Pac and Ricochet celebrate in the crowd as the scene fades over to Susan Brooke, head interviewer.

Susan Brooke : Hello! Hello! Hello Pinnacle Combat! I'm here with Paul London. Now London, you have an opportunity to become the inaugural world champion. Any thoughts?

London : You know Susan...KENTA isn't my primary concern but he is not a threat to me and during the match later on, you'll see what I mean. KENTA is weak. Goto and Yoshi Tatsu should try to overthrow KENTA. He's not a threat. In fact, Brodus beat Tatsu fair and square but when KENTA is about to be beaten he sends his troops. It's ridiculous and that is not even what irks me is that he walks all tall and mighty. He just picks a person and those two send their lives on the line for KENTA. It's sickening. When I win tonight, I will make sure one of two things happen tonight. One, they touch me and KENTA is suspended or two, I just win. Either way, you are all witnessing the first inaugural world champion.

Paul London walks away as Susan Brooke watches London. The scene fades to Matt Hardy watching Apex Road 1 in his locker room until he hears the door close. A familiar rival walks up to him. Hardy turns his head.

Matt Hardy : What do you want?

As the camera zooms out, it is Swagger that intrudes Hardy's locker room.

Jack Swagger : I just wanted to tell you that even though All Out Assault is coming and I might have a shot at the championship, this grudge is not over. After All Out Assault, champion or not, I will avenge my loss.

Matt Hardy : Oh really? Is that right?

Jack Swagger : [smirks] Sarcasm? No wonder you were only second best. To you. To your brother. To this business.

Jack Swagger leaves Hardy's locker room as the scene fades back to the ring which has Dustin Hart and Kytakauki in it.

Dustin Hart : Pick a single-digit number and a letter.

Kytakauki : U0

Hart : Good good. Do we have a U0 in the house?

Dustin Hart exits the ring. He approaches a short, light-skinned, brunette.

Hart : Why hello there! I'll give you a card and you will pick one of the three choices there. Deal?

Female : Sounds fair. Deal. [laughs and recieves the index card] A!

Hart : Excellent! You have chosen a Falls Count Anywhere match! This match will also be either for the North American Championship if Kytakauki wins or for the Television championship if Joey LeBell wins. Now ring the bell.

Match #2
Kytakauki vs Joey LeBell
Falls Count Anywhere
Number One Contendership

Kytakauki extends his land for a sign of respect to start off the match but LeBell wants no part of it as he kicks Kytakauki dead in his baby makers. LeBell can be heard screaming “I'm Joey LeBell! You don't deserve my respect. LeBell picks up Kytakauki and throws him over the top rope. Kytakauki skins the cat but LeBell sees. LeBell tries to counter but Kytakauki grabs Joey's head with his feet and flips him over the ropes and to the floor still holding on to the ropes. Kytakauki stays on the ring apron and connects a leg drop to the grounded Joey LeBell. This is a falls count anywhere match and this match can and will happen anywhere these men want it to take place. Kytakauki pins Joey LeBell. 1...2... Joey kicks out. Kytakauki gets up and picks up Joey LeBell in a fireman's carry then drops him on the ring apron. LeBell is stunned but not down. Kytakauki leans on the steel steps trying to catch his breath. Joey rushes at Kytakauki but Kytakauki hits trips LeBell and his face eats the corner of the steel steps! LeBell is busted open as Kytakauki mocks Joey LeBell by imitating his trademark poses. Kytakauki grabs the water off the announcers desk and pours it on his face then throws the bottle away. He picks up Joey LeBell and tries to end it with his finisher a running release powerbomb. LeBell rakes the Japanese rookie's eye and lands on his feet after Kytakauki lets him go. LeBell then hits a super kick and looks at the crowd. He snatches a camera from the crowd members and takes a picture of himself. Kytakauki goes for his own version of a super kick but Joey trips his other leg and literally swings the camera and smacks Kytakauki's face with the camera using the armband. He then turns around and gives the item back to the crowd member. LeBell then stalks Kytakuaki and connects with a double underhook DDT followed by a cattle mutilation! Kytakauki taps immediately!

Winner by Submission : Joey LeBell

Joey LeBell raises his arms in victory. The referee checks on Kytakauki as LeBell grabs a microphone.

LeBell : And your future inaugural television champion! Joeeeeeeeeeeeeey...LeBelllll!

He throws the microphone and poses for the booing crowd. The scene fades away to KENTA walking down the hall. The scene cuts to Paul London walking down the hall. The scene then cuts to Jack Swagger walking down the hall. They reach an intersection.

KENTA : Swagger.

Paul London : KENTA.

Jack Swagger : London.

Paul London : Swagger.

KENTA : London.

Jack Swagger : KENTA...I will be the inaugural world champion.

Paul London : Sure, Swagger. Even if you become the first world champion, it'll be the shortest reign in history.

KENTA : I will be the victor.

Paul London : With your tactics, you won't stand a chance.

Swagger : Well, we'll see then. [walks past KENTA] We'll see.

KENTA and Paul London stare each other down as the scene fades to a video promo.

Paul London is seen staring at KENTA.

Common Target.

MCMG stare at each other.

Common Threat. Equals.

The scene cuts to black.


A scene of Hardy doing the Twist of Fate onto the steel steps.

A scene of Super Crazy doing a moonsault off the ladder.

A scene of Adam Cole superkicking John Morrison.

Matt Hardy : This

Jack Swagger : This

Goto : This

JTG : This is

All Out Assault!
Next Sunday
The scene fades back to Amy Dumas and Todd Grisham. John Morrison and Adam Cole are in the ring staring each other down.

Amy Dumas : All Out Assault is coming to you next Sunday! Get your tickets soon on our website below.

Todd Grisham : This next match is a television division match as well. These two have a bubbling rivalry and it's going to burst tonight.

Amy Dumas : This match is for the number one contendership for the television championship.

Todd Grisham : The winner of this match will be facing Joey LeBell at All Out Assault.

Amy Dumas : I wonder what match these two will debut in.

Todd Grisham : Here comes Dustin Hart walking down the ramp.

Dustin Hart : John pick a letter. Adam pick a number.

John Morrison : J

Adam Cole : 1

Dustin Hart : Do I have a J1 in the house? Anybody? J1?...Oh there you are.

A tall, heavy tattooed male appears at ringside and Dustin gives him a card.

Male : I choose...C.

Dustin : He chose...a ladder match! Now ring the bell.

Match #3
Adam Cole vs John Morrsion
Ladder Match
Number One Contendership For The Television Championship

The two stare at each other. A ladder match. They look up and sees a contract in suspension. Adam Cole and John Morrison then look at each other. They lock up for a good moment and no one gets the advantage. Adam Cole smirks as they lock up again but this time Cole pokes Morrison in the eye and runs to the ropes. Morrison reverses with a STO backbreaker followed by a Russian legsweep. He then poses for the fans. As Morrison exits the ring, Adam Cole rolls out on the other side. Cole grabs a ladder. Morrison grabs a ladder and they both enter the ring. Morrison puts his down and hits a running dropkick to Adam Cole. Morrison then grabs the ladder and begins the long climb up. Rung after rung, the crowd cheers louder and louder but Adam Cole grabs John's foot and pulls him off the floor. He then hits an enzuigiri. Cole then pushes the ladder down and climbs to the top rope. He stalks Morrison, waiting for him to get up. As Morrison gets to a vertical base, still groggy, Cole surprises John Morrison with a crossbody! LeBell then places one ladder leaning on the corner and sets up th eother ladder. He begins the long climb up to reach the number one contendership for the North American championship. The crowd gives a huge pop and heat for Morrison and Cole. Morrison grabs a rung and crawls up slowly as well. Just as we were about to have a victory. Cole looks at Morrison and yawns waiting to push him off the ladder. Morrison makes it to the top and they start brawling. Adam punches Morrison then the other way around and this pattern continues until Adam gets the advantage and lands about four more hits before making the cutthroat gesture! Out of nowhere Super Crazy runs down the ramp and slides into the ring and just on time to as Adam pushes Morrison to the canvas. As Adam Cole tries to grab the contract and ensure his spot at All Out Assault, Super Crazy pushes the ladder and Adam Cole hits the ladder and lands on the canvas hard. Super Crazy taunts. Morrison can win this. Just then Super Crazy runs over to the referee standing by in the ladder match to ring the bell and whispers in his ear. The referee announces that Super Crazy has entered the match. He slides into the ring and sets the ladder back into place. He begins the long climb up and upon reaching the top, both Cole and Morrison push the ladder and Super Crazy falls out of the ring hard. John Morrison takes the initiative and hits a corkscrew neckbreaker which he calls the Moonlight Drive. John Morrison then sets up the ladder and climbs the rung. He knows he has won this and he climbs slower and slower. Upon reaching the top, he laughs...to himself. He is mocking them by not taking the advantage and getting the contract but this soon ends as eventually he unhooks the contract.

Winner by Retrieval : John Morrison

John Morrison celebrates on top of the ladder.

Amy Dumas : John Morrison will face Joey LeBell at All Out Assault! This is amazing!

The scene fades from John Morrison celebrating to Pandora and Ricochet.

Pandora : That was a great match out there.

Ricochet : Well thanks. I'm getting used to the Pinnacle Combat atmosphere. But um, can I ask you something?

Pandora : Sure...anything.

Ricochet : There is a pizza place down the street. Let's get to know each other.

Pandora : ...Sure. That sounds...fun.

The two stare awkwardly at each other until Britani Knight walks in between them.

Britani Knight : If I may interrupt this puppy love, I would like to ask Pandora here for a match next week. You see, I want to be the inaugural women's champion. To do this I have to get into the match. This is where you come in.

Ricochet : What makes you so sure you are going to win?

Britani Knight : Everything. I'm stronger, more skilled and have a better taste in men.

The crowd goes “Oooh” as Pac and Zexuis come into the scene.

Zexuis : Is something the matter?

Britani Knight : I don't know...Pandora...how about you answer?

Pandora : I'll face you...if you get out of my face.

Britani Knight smirks and leaves. Pandora looks at Ricochet then grabs Zexuis's hand and leaves. The scene fades to Alicia Fox and Miss Gorgeous standing in the ring. Miss Gorgeous is posing for the crowd. Just then Natalya appears on the stage. Walking down the ramp, she eyes Alicia Fox and stays ringside awaiting her opponent. After a moment, Zexuis appears on stage with Pandora. They walk down the ramp and stare at Natalya. Natalya and Zexuis enter the ring as Pandora stares in her partner's corner. The referee rings the bell.

Match #4
Alicia Fox and Miss Gorgeous vs Natalya and Zexuis
Tag Team Match
Number One Contendership For The Women's Championship

Alicia Fox and Natalya start out. Alicia wastes no time and hits a stiff elbow to Natalya's face. As Natalya is bent over, Fox hits a Scissors kick! That's it for Natalya. But Alicia picks up Natalya and hits a thrust kick to Natalya and lands another Scissors kick! Two finishers so early in the match. Alicia Fox then bounces off the ropes and connects a somersault leg drop! Three finishers and Alicia Fox then tags in Miss Gorgeous and exits the ring but not to normally stay on the apron but walking up the ramp. The crowd gives a mixed reaction to Alicia Fox. Alicia walks onto the stage and turns around. She pushes the cameraman to the ground then walks through the curtain. Miss Gorgeous pins Natalya. 1...2...No! Natalya gets a leg on the ropes. Miss Gorgeous drags Natalya to the center and pins her again. 1...2...Kick out! Miss Gorgeous screams like a spoiled brat and gets on top of Natalya and bashes the back of her head into the crowd. The referee separates them as Natalya tags in Zexuis and leaves the ring. This time Natalya walks up the ramp and she disappears behind the curtain. Zexuis enters the ring and they lock up. Zexuis gets the advantage and hits a few elbows to Gorgeous's face. She bounces off the ropes only to get hit with a leg lariat that Gorgeous calls a “Touch Up”. She pins Zexuis. 1...2...3!

Winner by Pinfall : Miss Gorgeous and Alicia Fox

Miss Gorgeous leaves the ring as Pandora enters the ring and checks on her best friend. More referees enter the ring and check on Zexuis. As Miss Gorgeous disappears past the curtain, Britani Knight appears clapping, mocking Zexuis to irk Pandora. Pandora looks at her and stands up. They eye each other as the scene fades to the Motor City Machine Guns walking through backstage. Goto and Yoshi Tatsu assault them from behind with steel chairs and stomp on them. The Usos run into the scene and clotheslines either partner. The Usos and Goto and Tatsu brawl until the Motor City Machine Guns get up and it becomes a 4 vs 2 brawl until Gangrel and Kevin Thorn enter the brawl and its now a 4 versus 4 brawl. Jimmy is brawling with Goto. Gangrel is brawling with Alex Shelley. Yoshi Tatsu is fighting Chris Sabin. Jey Uso and Kevin Thorn are trading fists until a plethora of referees and official seperate these 8 members. The scene fades back to Amy Dumas and Todd Grisham.

Todd Grisham : Well due to what transpired, Dustin Hart will be addressing the situation to the public next week after checking in on each of them individually.

Amy Dumas : But on to a different subject, lets see why Brad Maddox and Carlito are fighting in the first place.

Susan Brooke : Hello! Hello! Hello Pinnacle Combat! I'm here with Carlito.

The scene fades over to the 5'10 male.

Brooke : Carlito, despite having the first televised loss in Pinnacle Combat history, do you think that you can get into a championship title chase?

Carlito : Of course. Last week was last week. Next week is next week. I may have lost but I'm still the most dangerous in this company.

Brooke : What championship are you going after?

As the camera turns, Brad Maddox and Carlito are having a staredown.

Maddox : I can answer that. Carlito here is going after no championship. Maybe the woman's championship.

Carlito : Cute. What do you want?

Maddox : I just wanted to remind you that you aren't the most dangerous because you had the first loss.

Carlito : Is that right?

Maddox : Unless you want to prove it. Next week me and you.

Carlito : [smirks] Rookies. Whatever kid. I accept.

Maddox : That's all I wanted.

Brad Maddox walks away from Carlito, feeling accomplished. Brooke has already left by this time and Carlito looks at Maddox, unaffected.
The scene fades back to Brad Maddox in the ring. Carlito is walking down the ramp and sliding into the ring wasting no time. The referee rings the bell and these two lunge at each other.

Match #5
Brad Maddox vs Carlito
Singles Match
Number One Contendership for the North American Title

Brad Maddox rushes to Carlito and kicks him in the gut then hits a DDT. He then unloads a load of punches to the skull of the Caribbean. The referee separates Brad as he pushes the referee out of his way and dives on Carlito with a senton. He pins Carlito 1...! Quick kick out by Carlito as Brad Maddox gets stressed early in the match. Maddox picks up Carlito and Irish whips him into the corner. Brad hits a corner shoulder thrust and Carlito winces. Maddox puts all his might into another shoulder thrust and Carlito is now seated, leaning on the turnbuckle. Maddox then pushes his foot into Carlito's head, stretching his neck back, further into the turnbuckle. The referee counts. 1...2...3....4 and Brad Maddox lets go. Maddox tells Carlito to get up as he slaps Carlito in the face. He quickly links his slap with a whip to the ropes and Carlito jumps onto the second rope and hits Maddox with a springboard elbow. He pins up Maddox and slaps him back and whips him to the ropes and upon coming back Brad Maddox ducks a massive clothesline and rushes towards the ropes. He goes for his own clothesline but Carlito avoids and hits a sitout spine buster. Carlito pins Brad Maddox. 1...2...Kick out! Carlito motions the crowd to clap. They start to clap and stomp on the ground as Carlito stalks Brad Maddox. Carlito hits one clothesline. He bounces off the ropes as Brad stumbles to his feet again only to take another clothesline. Carlito bounces off the ropes and connects a jumping arm breaker. Carlito and Maddox are on the ground now. The referee counts as both of them have not made an attempt to get up for a long time. 1! Neither wrestler seems to be showing any signs of life soon. 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! 7! 8! Carlito gets on one knee and Maddox is on one knee and they start brawling. The crowd cheers when Carlito executes a punch and boos when Brad Maddox lands a hook. Carlito gets to his feet as they brawl. Carlito is punching down at Brad Maddox but Maddox grabs Carlito's arm and falls back with his knees on Carlito's arm and almost snaps it in half! Brad Maddox pins Carlito with his legs on the ropes. 1...2 The crowd boos immensely as the referee's hand stops literally millimeters away from the canvas and spots the legs on the ropes. He stops the count and Maddox and the referee argues. Maddox holds up three fingers and in the corner of his eye sees Carlito recovering. He runs to the ropes and bounces off for a springboard back elbow but Carlito hits a backstabber in mid-air! Carlito pins Brad Maddox! 1...2...3!

Winner by Pinfall : Carlito

Carlito slides out of the ring and looks under the ring. He grabs a table and slides it into the ring. He sets it up in the corner but Brad Maddox slides out of the ring and jumps the barrier. Carlito rushes after him. They run into the exits. Luckily, a cameraman is following. Brad Maddox reaches the exits and is running through the parking lot. Maddox sees a trashcan and takes off the lid then hides behind a corner. Carlito bursts through the doors and searches for Maddox. He turns the corner and gets smacked with a trash can lid. Carlito goes down as Maddox runs away into the night. The scene then fades to Susan Brooke, head interviewer.

Susan Brooke : Hey, this is Susan Brooke here with Matt Hardy. Hardy, you have received a fair share of criticism from Jack Swagger. Why do you believe this is so?

Matt Hardy : Jack Swagger lost. He wants to redeem is horrible career by trying to drag me down but he won't ever. Obviously, he has connections with the Shinjiketo and he doesn't want to reveal it. Like London said, KENTA is the ring leader but he is weak. London is a worthy competitor and I faced him back on Friday Nights. I know London fights fair but that doesn't mean he's going to win. I heard 4 people are going into this match. Only 1 will walk out Pinnacle Champion. These guys haven't seen my potential. KENTA, London, Jushin Liger, Super Crazy, JTG and especially Jack Swagger. You don't need to fear me or overlook me. Just remember, Matt Hardy will not die!

Matt Hardy leaves pumped up as the scene fades back to the commentators.

“I Can Slap A Tornado”

Matt Hardy is then seen bursting through the curtain.

Amy Dumas : Matt Hardy is joining us on commentary.

Todd Grisham : This is our main event! Paul London versus KENTA.

Matt Hardy : [shakes hands with Todd and Amy] Hello you two.

Todd Grisham : Hey Matt. Long time no see.

Matt Hardy : This is going to be an amazing match and I would like to see my opponent for All Out Assault.

Paul London is seen running down the ramp and sliding into the ring then jumping on the turnbuckle posing. He is ready for this match. He does not have to deal with KENTA or his team. KENTA is then seen jumping over the barricade and sliding into the ring. KENTA stares at Paul London. The referee looks at them both then rings the bell.

Match #6
Paul London vs KENTA
Singles Match
Number One Contendership For The Pinnacle Championship

Paul London smirks at the so-called leader is out here alone. Paul slaps KENTA then connects with a spinning gut kick and finish off with a spinning wheel and KENTA slips over the top rope and hits the concrete floor. Paul London then grabs the top rope and lands a picture-perfect somersault plancha dive and the crowd gives London a brief standing ovation. Paul London gets up and drags KENTA closer to the ring apron. 1! 2! 3! 4! Paul London rolls KENTA into the ring and climbs onto the apron. He poses as he awaits for KENTA to stand up. He jumps onto the top rope and dives off but KENTA catches him in a Go To Sleep! Paul London tries to squirm out but he can't so he grabs the top rope! KENTA tries to pry his hands off but thinks it'd be best to put him down. KENTA then kicks London in the face three times then runs to the ropes. Upon running back, KENTA ducks a counter dropkick and runs to the ropes again. He sends Paul London between the first and second rope with a running arched boot. Paul London hits the concrete floor. The crowd pops loud as KENTA leans on the ropes and recovers a bit before exiting the ring. Paul London, who is still on the ground, gets picked up by KENTA. 1! KENTA bashes Paul London's head onto the crowd barricade. 2! 3! KENTA then slides Paul London in the ring and KENTA slides into the ring himself. The 180 pound Japanese male grabs the right leg of Paul London, then shouts abuse at London before locking in the cloverleaf. The referee checks to see if Paul London wants to tap out but he refuses. KENTA is in total control and his chances of winning and securing the number one contendership for the Pinnacle Championship are increasing each second London isn't breaking out of the hold. London's chances of getting the number one contendership is getting slimmer and slimmer back KENTA wrenches his legs. London crawls and grabs the ropes but KENTA isn't letting go anytime soon. The ref counts. 1....2....3.....4...KENTA lets go right before the five count. KENTA picks up London and throws him into the corner. He walks over and hits a knife edge chop to London. He raises London to the top rope. The crowd is on the edge of their seats as KENTA locks in a superplex but London hooks his leg to the ropes to prevent falling to his doom. KENTA then pokes London in the eye and tries to untangle his leg but London is not letting go anytime soon. Paul London then pushes KENTA off of the turnbuckle. KENTA loses his balance and bangs his head on the canvas. London goes to the top ropes and looks down at KENTA. Then on routine Goto and Yoshi Tatsu are running down the ramp and surrounding the ring. Paul London doesn't care about those two as he called it a “win-win situation” and performs a 450 splash! He goes to pin KENTA but Goto climbs onto the ring apron and intentionally distract the referee. Paul London gets up and turns the referee around and tells him to count the pin. Goto and Tatsu enter the ring. Note, they did not touch Paul London so KENTA is not suspended. Out of nowhere, Matt Hardy takes off his headset and trades punches with Goto and Tatsu. Eventually, the numbers gain is too much and they throw Hardy out of the ring. Then Adam Cole rushes to Matt Hardy's aid. Cole superkicks Tatsu and keeps Yoshi out of the ring. Matt Hardy kicks Goto in the gut and hits a Twist of Fate. Goto gets dropped to the ground as Adam Cole looks at Matt Hardy. They stare at each other and walk up the ramp. KENTA is watching his crew get dismantled. Paul London gets a quick roll up and the referee counts 1...2...3!

Winner by Pinfall : Paul London

KENTA motions his crew to retreat and they do. Matt Hardy and Adam Cole look at the crowd and they cheer on. These two victims shake hands as the scene fades to Dustin Hart who is looking at the match. He walks out of his office but sees a sticky note on his door. He looks at it, crumbles the note and punches the door.

Dustin Hart : [as the scene fades away] Motherf-


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