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Re: Things that annoy you?

Sorry Adding more I know but I have to say it
SheePeople who still believe that Oswald killed Kennedy and that the CIA, FBI, And LBJ had NOTHING to do with his death. though we have mountains of evidence to the contrary.
SheePeople who cant believe that FDR had ANY advanced knowledge of Pearl Harbor even though documents De classified in late 2005 show that he CLEARLY did.
Sheepole who believe that there were WMDs, and that al queda was SOLELY behind 9/11(no CIA knowledge, No Pakistani ISI support, just 19 guys with box cutters VS the trillion dollar US airforce infrastructure all within the most heavily defended airspaces ON EARTH. Not on one but 4 separate instances), and that if we didn't fight them over there they would be a problem in America
SheePeople that think we shouldn't Imprison members of the Bush Cabnit on War Crime charges as well as war profiteering. (they made billions people)
SheePeople who think that they have a two party system to worry about, while groups not affiliated with the United States Government like the Federal Reserve, Counsel on Foreign Relations and other entitys ROB US BLIND. And that these very same groups dictate global policy though the millions they have printed out of thin air. WAKE UP AMERICA
Their silent weapons like Media, Food Production, Even the very chemicals they put in your drinking water (Flouride, Acidic compounds ect.) is all controlled by people most american citizens have never even heard of. nor do they care. wanna know why? because the "real" housewives of where the fuck ever is on, because the Jersey Shore, Honey Boo Boo, Hoarders and bullshit just like it keeps them docile. Keeps us in our little world of "well look at those people, im glad im not like them!" no no American Citizen YOU are the genius! So smart of you to sit and watch their Hypnobox for hours, days, weeks, LIFETIMES! but you right I am the crazy one for asking questions about what we dont see, but as those really smart people put it "they could never brain wash or control us..."
For Example: did you know that the word Democracy is NOT in the Constitution, Bill Of Rights, or the Declaration of Independance? NOT FUCKING ONCE. yet over the years we have been lead to believe that this is the government we live under and our actions are changed over decades to make this so.. The founding fathers HATED the idea of a democracy. In fact Benjamin Franklin said and I quote "A democracy is Two Wolves and One Sheep voting on whats for dinner."
America was Established as a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. meaning that the 51% cannot take rights from the 49% WITHOUT EXCEPTION!!! Meaning even if I were President I cant take away your rights nor can I declare war domestic or foreign without constitutional grounds. and yet not one question is raised these issues with Bush and the like because it is UN AMERICAN to do so. what a fantastic phrase the cold war has brought us for asking legitimate domestic and foreign issue questions.

That my friends is what annoys me today

“Look, let’s start with some tough love. You two suck at peddling meth. Period. Did you not plan for this contingency? I mean even the Starship Enterprise had a self-destruct button.... I'm just saying.” –

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