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Re: Official Raw Ratings Thread 2013

Originally Posted by Cookie Monster View Post
They didn't even need the titles that is the thing. They gave the belt to Big Show and had him feud with The Big Bossman for god sake. Thank god it didn't last long but I doubt the ratings on Raw or PPV buys dipped. I can't even be bothered to check, correct me if I am wrong though.
I can't be bothered to check either, but I can assure you if big show was the focus of the show every week as champion, it would have. But this is a pointless argument, you don't put the main event title on a mid carder and expect the product to be as successful as it was.

Why wouldn't he work? Why can't Punk be a "larger than life character" is it because he hasn't taken steroids in his life? I think that would have been a big appeal to Punk in the Attitude Era. The average fan I think would see Punk going up against the guys like Austin, The Rock and almost see a part of themselves, especially with him being rebellious kid too who would go and stand up to bullies etc.
Originally Posted by mblonde09 View Post
Sorry, but you're wrong. Punk was made for the AE.
Don't be marks. Punk even in this era is struggling to be a star despite being the longest reigning champion in modern history, I don't think he would have lasted as a midcarder in AE, let alone the main event. Blame it on steroids or whatever, fact of the matter is Punk is NOT larger than life. Numbers prove that everyweek. I understand this argument is based on the assumption that SES gimmick would have worked, but there is no guarantee he wouldn't have gotten legit X-pac heat instead with that gimmick. Forget the main event, look at the guys he has to compete with in the midcard scene Jericho, Kurt, Benoit, Eddie.. all of them in their prime. Are you telling me Punk as a talent is better than everyone of them?

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