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Re: Backstage News On Why Ziggler Might Turn Babyface Soon

Ziggler as a babyface might work....but given WWE's track record, I am not confident about it.

I remember when they turned Edge face. He became borderline retarded and could only say one word: "Spear Spear Spear!"

How has Miz' face run turned out? He is now a bad joke telling doofus.

Or how about Big Show & Mark Henry? When they are babyfaces, they are just smiley happy people that are best buddies with John Cena.

Sheamus. He goes from being a bad ass fighter to being Mr. Smiley Pants that tells awful jokes.

I remember when they first turned Orton face in 2004. They gave him a pretty girlfriend and he respected the legends! Wow...not cool at all.

John Morrison. Cool Rockstar as a heel. Annoying smiling goof as a babyface (Mr. Ziggles!)

Even CM Punk. CM FUCKING PUNK started turning into Mini-Cena at the end of 2011 and I was like "NO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!". Thankfully the programs with Jericho & Bryan pulled him out of that, but still, I couldn't believe how uncool they were making him at that time.

I mean yeah, there are exceptions. Del Rio is working at the moment, but he never really worked as a heel to begin with, so he is sort of an anomaly. I am just fearful that if they turn Ziggler face, they are going to take control over him and make him into something that we will all hate and turn him into something that doesn't resemble what he is now.


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