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Re: Official Raw Ratings Thread 2013

Originally Posted by Falkono View Post
Okay so let me put it like this.....

If say Rock was wrestling Brodus Clay would you fast forward it? If Stone Cold was wrestling him? If Undertaker was wrestling him? If HBK was wrestling him? Hell even if Brock was wrestling him? You know you wouldn't so why is Punk any different? It isn't about who they are wrestling it is about the individual. Because by your own logic if Punk goes back to the mid-card and wrestles people around that level you will fast forward them. Meaning how much of a Punk fan would you really be? A draw is someone who pulls in viewers no matter who they face.

Secondly i'm not a Punk hater. I think he isn't as big a deal as people on here try and make out. Some people try and put him in the same bracket as people like Rock and Stone Cold and he shouldn't be there. Hell he is having the longest reign of any champion since 1983. Do I think he is that good? Hell no. So it isn't about hating him it is about pushing someone who isn't actually that good. So when these type of numbers come up it backs up that belief that other people don't think he is that big a deal either. 2012 was up there with the worst years in terms of entertainment level and ratings. Punk was champion for the entire year. That isn't saying he is to blame, far from it. It is saying he is one of the many reasons.

As for the English lesson, many thanks....But YOUR (not you're) opinion is wrong.
I probably would. Just like I fast forward other pointless matches on the card. If I was to DVR, I wouldn't watch anything unless results or people on here suggested me too. Like Ziggler/Cena cage match, I'd have stopped and watched that mainly due to the fact it is a cage match on Raw.

I'd usually just watch for the promos alone and some of The Shield. Punk won't be going down to the mid card and if he does, I'd be fuming with the WWE for doing that to one of the best talents they have to offer. In fact, I'd want him to pack his bags and walk out of that fucked up company.

Who on here has put him in that bracket. Go get me some quotes. NO ONE puts Punk in that bracket. Heck, people don't even put fucking Cena in that bracket. You not thinking he is that good just sum this all up. I understand if in your opinion you're not a fan of him, but how can you straight up say he is not good. The guy is the best on the mic in the company and quite easily the most entertaining superstar they have right now, by a landslide. You may think that regarding 2012, but for me it was one of the best years for WRESTLING. You know, it is a wrestling company after all and there were many many 4 star + matches.

I don't see how he is one of the reasons. He is being who he is. You can blame those shitty Hollywood writers and the so called "creative" team they have though. I'm quite surprised you haven't churned out the usual bullshit of "PG IS KILLING DIS COMPANY"
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