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The 2012 BTB End of Year Newsletter


Howdy there, fair BTBers, and welcome to the first End of Year (or for that matter, of any kind) Newsletter in two years, almost to the day. Just like the Awards, there wasn’t one of these last year for a variety of reasons, but nevertheless, I got the go ahead from our awesome Mod, Brye, months ago (and by that, I mean before the start of that never-ending BTB Tournament) and while it’s put a great deal of pressure on my shoulders to follow the guys that have done this before, I think it’s turned out quite nicely. The idea behind this edition of the Newsletter was to target the past, present, and future of the section while adhering to what the Newsletter has always been at it’s core – an article, an interview, and a spotlight. Oh, and in keeping with the semi-tradition of the last Newsletter, this is where Award winners get announced. So there’s that.

I hope you guys enjoy, because it took a lot of work to get this thing in one piece and finished. Had plans, plans fell through, had ideas, ideas fell through…y’know, I should just shut up now and let you read the damn thing. KIRBY!! Roll tape!!

2012 – A Year In Hindsight
Hello BTB section, it’s Melvis here. Keeping up the trend that 619IDH is lost without me, I’ll be contributing to his Newsletter with a wistful look back at 2012 as a year for BTB. While at times the pace has been slow, 2012 has seen some terrific work, especially from sources we might not have expected at the start of the year (more on that in a bit). Certainly, I’m proud to say, it was better and brighter than a largely unremarkable 2011, as we can see from the fact that Awards and a Newsletter are even a possibility, and that’s always encouraging. So, what made this year stand out?

Once again, this year saw Wolf Beast in fine form. In a way it seems that you could start any ‘Year In Review’ piece with such a statement these days, but this year will stand out in the memory for his brilliant Summerslam, culminating a series of storylines with some A-grade matches as well. Not only did he show us some real innovation (the dark undertones to Mysterio/Angle and the unique babyface angles with Mickie James and John Cena come to mind), but his World Title feuds are a prime example of the benefits of ‘Booking 101’ at its very finest. This especially stands out in his push of Umaga, in a classic ‘monster heel meets plucky face champion’ faceoff with Christian, surprising the vast majority of us with the outcome of Summerslam’s main event. As if that wasn’t enough, he returned this past month to grace us with some Summerslam fallout, and it can only get better from here. And speaking of BTB legends, 2012 was also the year that Szumi returned – twice. Starting with Tales of a Jaded Old Man, Szum brought a nostalgic feel to the section for a little while, before he returned to his ‘roots’ somewhat with When An Empire Falls, heading back to WCW through the eyes of an unnamed head of the creative team. This is coupled with a show style that allows him to comment on WCW’s bad habits at the time, with the writer’s ‘character’ realising he can’t just change things directly from the get-go because of WCW politics. When Szumi starts to put his own stamp on things, he’ll be able to have more creative license, and we’ll get to see more of what makes him one of the greats. Having both Wolfy and Szumi around again, even in sporadic bursts, was unarguably a huge benefit to the section.

However, despite the great work of those two gentlemen, this year has been about stellar, consistent writing from all around the section, and no two bookers epitomise that for me more than iMac and 619IDH. iMac’s Evolution of Greed has truly taken flight in its third year of operation; he might not have been as active as he’d like, but his Wrestlemania 23 was a story-driven spectacle that solidified him as a top name in the section. He’s spent the year since then working towards a Backlash that looks to provide great stories, especially in the form of his Triple H/Shawn Michaels feud, made so gripping by his writing of a God-motivated heel HBK. Meanwhile, the Curator of this very Newsletter, 619IDH, has had a good time of it too – if you want great characters, look no further than AOW, written with a philosophical edge and playing freely with themes like power, loyalty and morality. As we’ll no doubt hear from him a little later, building a created federation from scratch has given 619 free reign to come up with new and exciting ideas (though the AOKO Match in 2011 will live long in the memory to show how sick a bastard he really is), and having had the pleasure to pick his brains myself, you can see why such a creative individual is doing so well for himself in the section. A good year for two good guys.

Elsewhere in the section, 2012 was a year where new bookers cropped up all over the place. I think this year’s Breakout Booker award could be closer than ever (at least, closer than when I won it, come at me Shock ). This year, we might be looking at four or five contenders, maybe more, with so many bookers producing their best work yet. It seems like this year more than ever, everyone brings something unique to the table – cp954, especially, is on the verge of breaking the proverbial ‘glass ceiling’ as his thread moves on from his own Summerslam, experimenting with his own unique storylines such as those of Shawn Michaels and Rob Van Dam. ThatWeirdGuy also continues to impress with Pushing The Boundaries, looking to improve upon a lacklustre real-life WWE showing. So far, he’s doing admirably, with a strong Night of Champions under his belt and some great angles set up for Hell in a Cell. C3K, or Calum as I know him better, made the brave but innovative call to give the World Heavyweight Title to a red-hot Matt Hardy, and his booking ‘til now has been pretty good, despite the distraction of losing his partner early into the thread. FluxCapacitor, while his thread has only just really begun, has made waves in the section with his unparalleled performance in the King of BTB Tournament. His early 2011 thread has great potential, especially if Flux applies the creativity to it that we’ve seen in the tourney. Even Kintaro’s unique visual style and GCB’s focus on new talent help strengthen the section’s backbone. It’s been a bright year for all these guys, and 2013 looks good if it’s in their hands.

And a brief shout to TKoW/KING, who at least wrote something in 2012, even if he didn’t post it.

2013 – A Year Looking Forward
So there you go. A lot of stuff to be positive about. But 2012’s now behind us, so let’s look forward to the future. For starters, the beginning of 2013 will see the results of the King of BTB Tournament, with FluxCapacitor leading #TeamFlux towards a possible victory for an entirely new spin on things, or 619IDH finally making good on his promise to dethrone yours truly. Honestly, the standard has been incredible, and based on the work we’ve seen, I can think of no two better men to face in the final, no matter the outcome. Best of luck to you both.

Let’s take a look, in sweet homage to BkB Hulk, at the six, not five, threads to watch in 2013.

6. Nige – WWE: A Strong Response
I didn’t mention him above, mostly because I planned to here. Nige has been around the block a few times, and he showed that this year with some of his best writing yet. This has been largely due to him drawing inspiration from the one thing WWE did right in 2011, the anti-authority CM Punk, as well as an admirable decision to pull (as far as I know) a BTB first-ever and have the WWE Title defended in the Royal Rumble Match. The Road to Wrestlemania has begun again for Nige, and with – I’m assuming – some full shows sure to come as we build towards the big one, 2013 could be the year that Nige solidifies himself as a future Hall of Famer.

5. cp954 – WWE 2005: Raising The Bar
If you’ll forgive the terrible pun, cp954 really did raise the bar in 2012. He stands as a perfect example of why constructive criticism is a writer’s best friend; this past year, he’s taken any advice he gets under advisement, and come out a completely different booker at the other end. A huge candidate for both Most Improved and Breakout Booker, maybe even more than that, cp954 was about as consistent a writer as you could ask for and kept pumping out strong shows – and if they weren’t up to his high standard, you could be sure he learned from his mistakes. Not to mention, he’s just a top fella around the section, handing out his own feedback in bunches too. It’s no understatement to say that 2013 could be huge for him.

4. Szumi – When An Empire Falls
My placement will divide opinion, but Szumi’s got himself a 2013 lined up to be great – only if he sticks to his thread, however. While this is no slight against his writing ability, one of the best storytellers the section has ever seen, Szumi’s new thread has only just begun, and we’re yet to see him really take things up a notch. Rest assured, though, that I think he’ll do just that in 2013, and he’ll be back to his best. Let’s all hope and pray that when we hit the 2013 End of Year Newsletter, we’re talking about another notch in Szumi’s belt in When An Empire Falls.

3. 619IDH – Presenting AOW: Art Of War Wrestling – The Greatest Affair
In the absence of WCW Rules, the BTB section turns to this man for true creativity. 619IDH, who has bribed me heavily to say nice things about him, has the thread where the unexpected is expected. In his thread, we’ve had double turns, 25 minute double debut matches, a man legitimately being hung from a cage wall, various bloody assaults, all kinds of innovative new matches, and a snowflake cast of characters. You could say that all he’s missing is a full-on stable war, but that’s what we might be getting as AOW cracks at the seams heading towards This Is Exile and beyond. Crammed full of intelligent writing, this is must-read stuff, and to make a bold statement, this coming year could be even better for him and Kirby.

2. iMac – WWE: The Evolution of Greed
As I mentioned previously, what we saw from iMac this past year has been stellar. His Wrestlemania 23 struck the oh-so-rare balance between providing a great show and going flat-out overboard like many, myself more than anyone, do on pay-per-view occasions. Turning the page into 2013, iMac will hit us with both barrels with Backlash, and then it’s on the road to Summerslam – the section waits impatiently to see what he has in mind. If his Wrestlemania 23 made iMac’s name a household one in BTB, 2013 will hopefully provide us with more intriguing characters and great booking. Keep the good stuff coming, lad.

1. Wolf Beast – Being The Booker
Well – he’s back. Again. The last time the End of Year Newsletter was published, BkB Hulk claimed that Wolfy was THE man of the section, and two years on, it still rings true. Coming off the heels of a Summerslam for the ages and the upcoming end of his epic World Tour, here’s hoping Wolf Beast charges on in 2013 and allows us some more memorable moments. Hell, it won’t be long until we’re toasting the old man’s tenth anniversary. You don’t want to miss anything from this BTB in the year to come.

Well, that just about does it from me. Thanks for putting up with me, and here’s to a great 2013.


The Created Fed and You
~Why getting up is harder than the morning jog itself~

The created wrestling federation. One of BTB’s most common and rampant beasts of years past. They’re a place in the world of BTB where imaginations have been known to run wild, where the norm is unorthodoxed, and where we all become atheists against the gods of realism. If done correctly, they can easily be a brilliant read and a look into what one can do when given no real limits.

But let’s get real here – that shit’s a lot of work. The created fed is possibly one of the most fascinating creatures to grace any fantasy booking section, but in order to tame this beast, there’s lots to find, know, and understand. There’s more to a created fed than slapping together a roster of guys that you like and putting on new (usually unnecessarily violent) match types and stipulations. And more often than not, these beasts never survive too long because from the get go, they don’t have much to stand on.

So then what separates the created fed from the rest of the bunch? Why is it that this monster has many suitors, but only a few masters? That’s what I’m here for. I’m 619IDH and while I’m no master of these wild beasts, I’ll be your tour guide for the duration of this four-part article where we’ll be analyzing these threads at a psychological and creative level, which will include taking a peek at what it takes to get a created fed up and running and a look back at the gentlemen who have done it right.

Pt. 1

First off, we’ll be perfectly blunt – to pull off a ‘created’ fed, you have to actually be ‘creative’. To have an interesting and successful thread here in Be the Booker, you have to have some sort of creativity. But with a created fed, this must be amplified much, much more. Why is this, you ask? Because a created fed has a complete lack of base with both a writer/booker and a reader. When one has a jumping off point to start and base something on, there is actual direction for creative thoughts to flow. The mind scrambles when it has no limits, yet focusses when it does. If someone were to ask you to name a character from any form of medium you’ve ever seen, your mind doesn’t know which way to go. But if someone asked you for a Japanese-based, cute, cuddly, pink character that acts like a child and constantly consumes, then that narrows things down and gives your mind somewhere to actually go.

There was gonna be a picture of Kirby here, but this guy ate him.

This same principle applies to the way we book and write things. There’s more WWE threads not only because many are more familiar with the WWE, but because the ‘E has been around for decades and has a good, solid base in itself to jump off from. It already has ready-made main eventers, future Hall of Famers, established characters, tested match types, and an easy to replicate format no matter what year you wish to start from. A created fed has none of that. One who wishes to write one has to quite literally pull something out of the ether to give it some sort of direction. They have to create their own universe, which as any god-esque character that has been tasked with that job before can tell you, isn’t easy.

They also make terrible tag team partners.

This isn’t to say anyone who does anything from an established company isn’t creative – we’ve had Wolfy, Szumi, and many others display that they can be many-a-time over many-a-year – but the created fed writer holds a dear place because of how much extra work has to be done to set it up right. Because you have to make your own base and your own jumping off point. And that in itself is more work than many people want to dedicate themselves into. And, of course, you must do so creatively.


…and that point flows right into this one and that is that one must understand what ‘creativity’, and for that matter ‘originality’ is, exactly. There’s no need for one to scramble their mind to come up with, say, insane, innovate match types right off the bat. Things like the Hell in a Cell and the Royal Rumble didn’t come about because someone was seeking to cement their claims of ‘originality’. They happened because the stories involving them built towards them and they just worked. The same can be said for characters and the way guys are booked. They also weren’t all right there from the very first show. And a lot of created fed-ers like to drop an entire load at once to prove they’re ‘different’.

Seen here.

But you don’t need all that. There’s no need to come out, guns blazing to prove what you have to read is truly different from the ‘E or TNA or even CHIKARA. Don’t try to be different; just be different. Creativity and originality stem from using other things in your own way. In booking, a lot of that comes from where your stand with your actual roster. Creatively being able to control and balance the guys on your created roster is a key part of sustaining the life, and thus interest, of your thread. And while you may have compiled a roster of nothing but guys you like and enjoy writing, you find out very quickly that you can’t push everybody. Not at once, anyway. You try that and your readers become just like the cartoon seen above.

But this isn’t to say that you have to do things exactly the way they’ve always been done. The beauty of the created fed is that since you created your own universe, you can do with it whatever the fuck you want. If you don’t want a twelve PPV a year schedule, THEN DON’T. If you don’t want two separate rosters on two separate shows, THEN DON’T. If you don’t want to write a pair of two-hour weekly shows, THEN DON’T. None of these rules are concrete. And this is where you can make your dream fed do exactly that – be your dream.

Pt. 3

I was gonna use this part to talk about realism and thinking logically when it comes to the created fed, but I think our good friend Joshua Rolsten gave us terrific insight on how not to go thinking into this.

Originally Posted by Joshua Rolsten
But fact is I've been thinking about starting an actual named WGP since I was 10. Plus I'm going have 7 shows a week on the FOX networks and 96 of the best wrestlers in world. Also, my shows will visit places like North Korea, Japan, Mexico, etc. By the way it will be an international fed similar to WWE but without storylines and each show will have 4 30:00 Ironman matches (3hours per show). How about that?

So this part is about random bullets that I could go in incredible depth into, but want to spare all from the mad ramblings that would ensue. So here’s a few things to avoid when it comes to the created fed, some of them repeats of already presented points and some of them perhaps attaining to threads in general -

Don’t plan anything at all. This one doesn’t really need much of an explanation because this key principle spells doom for any thread, not just a created fed based one, but it rings unbearably true in the hall of the dream fed. It’s so easy to literally just assemble a roster of guys you like and not have a whole lot presented or plotted beyond that. But this can easily spell doom for your dream just as quickly as you probably thought it up. As the Art of War says – “If you plan plenty, you will win. If you plan little, you will lose. If you do not plan at all, you will be destroyed.”

It’s ‘created’ in name only. What that means is that your federation might have just a brand new name…and that’s the only thing really ‘different’ about it. It looks and acts just like a federation that already exists otherwise. Many a created fed take huge portions of a WWE or TNA roster (like Triple H or Randy Orton or Kurt Angle), bring in a few warm bodies, have a twelve PPV a year schedule, put a new three-lettered acronym on it, and expect it to be bought as something new. This isn’t to say that there’s anything wrong with taking lots of wrestlers from companies you love, but if you’re essentially going to take damn near every name from the rosters and book in the same exact format, you’re probably just better off writing a thread for that company.

…and the wrestlers aren’t different, either. This goes hand in hand with the thing right above it. A good many created feds pluck the names from the rosters and don’t change a goddamn thing about them. Personally, nothing irks me about a presented created fed than reading the first show and seeing Vicki Guererro in a position of power still doing her “EXCUSE ME” shtick. The created fed should be about exploring new things, new characters, new ideas, and yourself as a booker/writer. If you’re not gonna explore the unknown with a federation that doesn’t even exist, when are you gonna explore it? You’re already outside the realm of realism just having this created fed. Might as well do some grocery shopping while you’re there.

Don’t take heed of feedback. This one is big. Yes, this is your dream federation. Yes, this does stem from the depths of your mind. But that doesn’t mean anyone that’s not you can have something to say about it. Created feds are abstract works, and you kind of need to run the water before you jump in the tub. That’s what feedback is. It rings true for any thread, but again, it rings all the more true for something like a created piece, especially when trying to find the thread’s identity. If you don’t listen to what anyone has to say about your vision, then it may as well be dead. That stuff is there to help you sustain a thread and help it get it off the ground.

Pt. 4

As the title of this particular section implies, this is where we take a look back at some of the created works that have been incredible in their own ways and what we all could learn from them. So plug these guys in the 'Search' function and take a gander. Because if there’s anything that we as writers and bookers can do, its look to the giants of past and climb their shoulders to higher perches.

1. Presenting: Paul Heyman’s Evolution Pro Wrestling by PARANoIR

It begins and ends with this fucker. The single greatest created fed to grace this section and was thorough on many-a-point. It captured originality, creativity, and brutality and made it all too much fun. While this one may not be as situated in reality as the one that will follow it, it is a thread that has aged well and can give anyone the good base to set their thoughts in which to launch a created fed. It’s the standard for them all. It doesn’t hurt that PARA was one hellova guy and a great booker. Shame he isn’t in the Hall of Fame (wink wink, hint hint.)

2. Global Wrestling Enterprise by Alcoholic

What I believe to be one of the most underrated threads ever by one of the most underrated bookers ever, chronic project producer Alcoholic struck gold when he unleashed this thing on the BTB Section. While it didn’t get the attention PARA’s thread ever got, Alco’s GWE did tweak and almost perfected many aspects EPW did not (only because PARA cut it short). The number one thing to take away from this thread was the balance of everything. Not only did Alco put new spins on familiar faces, but he did so with great booking and keeping things on point. Another great thing to take from this one is the realistic base he gave it, seeing as how he only got one PPV despite the company being founded by Hulk Hogan himself.

3. LLW – Legacy of Legends Wrestling by The BoogeyMan

The longest running created fed to ever exist on this site deserves some kind of mention here. It was completely dwaddled in the world of the unrealistic – Brock Lesnar and Randy Savage main evented the very first show – but he made it his own by destroying many senses of the world ‘realism’ and focused on when eras clashed, almost in a way that would rival wrestling video games. Here, you’ll find Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, and Triple H taking on the likes of Ric Flair, Fit Finlay, and Sting…each one performing as though they were in their prime. A grand ‘what if’ thread that should’ve never happened…and no one cared that it shouldn’t because he made it work somehow. A good read for those who prefer to let it all hang out.

4. Golden State Wrestling: The Revolution Begins by Jae Jae

You want a created fed? How about a created fed run by a created character with a roster full of nothing but created wrestlers? Welcome to GSW, ironically one of the most realistic threads I’d ever read. While some on this list had to struggle to make it to Pay Per Views, GSW never made it to television. The way this story was told was traveling the indy circuit with created wrestlers, everybody trying to just barely make ends meet and make names for themselves. The booking was basic, but was taken very in depth because no one knew who anyone was. Anyone looking to create a purely created fed, take note of this one.

5. WCW Rules Presents: The Dark Shadows of Wrestling

I couldn’t go on babbling about creativity and not include a Dubya thread opening post. Despite the claim by the handsomely bribed non-King above, I could never hold a candle to this guy creatively. And while this thread didn’t even make it to posting a single show, what it did do was introduce an idea of deconstruction to the point of re-introduction. I chose to spotlight it here because I’m sure many even forgot it existed, Dubya included. We all know that wrestlers have spots on the roster – the main event, mid card, tag division, things like that. They also have roles within that division – your comedy act, your jobbers-to-the-stars, your gatekeepers. This thread took the ideas of roles, stables, and even wrestlers performing as characters, to their logical conclusions. It also painted a picture I wish would’ve been completed if it had panned out and that was writing wrestlers as something more than wrestlers and emphasizing the one thing wrestling is at its core – storytelling. This thread presented an idea, I thought, that exemplified just how far things can be stretched in a created fed because, as aforementioned, they have almost literally no limits.


So, there you have it folks. Everything written here isn’t to tell you how to run your created fed, but to help you get grounded enough to even begin one. Because no one can directly tell you how to run your federation. That, of course, is subject to your very personal imagination. Now then, I’ll be off changing the curtains in my palace, polishing my scepter, and finding Kirby a nice girl from the serf village that is small, round, pink, and as childish as he to call his wife.

I shall call her…Melvis.

IMG sources:



A little blurb before we go on to this one, and that’s that this spot was almost empty by no one’s fault but my own for multiple reasons. One in that I really wanted to get an elder BTBer in the interview spot, but just in case that fell through, I planned to get an interview from the winner of the KotBTB Tournament. The first idea fell through, as did the second one when some dumbass went on to go win it. So instead, I decided to go with the guy who I, and the members of #TeamFlux, believed would win. But because of his great showing in that Tournament, this spot is all his, deservedly. Oh, and WeirdGuy’s too, I guess.

Hey BTB, it is ThatWeirdGuy and I am locked and loaded ready for a Newsletter Special Interview! At this time, I am currently being joined by the real surprise package of the 2012/13 KOBTB Tournament... it is Flux Capacitor!

ThatWeirdGuy: Flux, how are ya doing, buddy? Thanks for doing this.

Flux: Howdy! It's my pleasure. I'm doing well thanks

ThatWeirdGuy: That's good to hear matey, and congrats for the tournament! You really did well, and it really coulda been yours on any other day. Another well done to Melvis and of course 619... All Hail KingKirby! Sorry, I'm contractually obligated to do that. And don't you dare call me a bitch again.

Flux: Kirby schmirby. It was obviously a fluke victory...But thank you, I'm very happy with how I did to be honest

ThatWeirdGuy: So you should be! Before we talk some more about BTB, would you care to give our lovely readers a chance to get to know a little more about the man behind FluxCapacitor?

Flux: Sure thing. Well I'm 17, born and bred in the great city of DERBY~! Which for all of you non-Brits is practically slap bang in the middle of England. I'm currently in my second year at college studying Sport, but I have no idea what I want to do as a career. I'm in to my sports, my music, socialising etc. The usual teenage things, you know?

In terms of specifics, I'm a huge football fan. I've been a Manchester City fan since I was about 8 years old (2-0 CP, don't you forget it). I play for teams, 11-a-side and 5-a-side and have done for a long time. I'm also a huge MMA fan as well. I'm a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and have done other martial arts and combat sports since I was about 7 or 8

Oh, and I kinda' like that pro wrasslin stuff as well

ThatWeirdGuy: I'm not talking about football... All I'm going to say is that Loic Remy is a knobhead. That is pretty awesome though, the whole Jiu-Jitu stuff. Well Sport can lead you down many a path... why not venture into the world of pro wrasslin? I'm sure TNA have a British Martial Arts Champion gimmick they need someone to fill?

Flux: FluxCapacitor vs. Kurt Angle - Bound For Glory 2017, mark it in your calendars folks

ThatWeirdGuy: Jam has ordered the tickets already

Flux: I wouldn't be surprised whatsoever

ThatWeirdGuy: But anyway, what was it that got this young lad from Derby into the beautiful art that is pro wrasslin?

Flux: Oh I can remember it like it was yesterday. My brother is ten years older than me, so he was a teenager during the attitude era and I can remember he ordered a Pay-Per-View in 2001. I couldn't get to sleep, I heard something exciting going on down stairs and it was my brother watching some bald guy beat the crap out of others. That bald guy was Stone Cold Steve Austin, and then I was hooked. From there, I begged my brother to spend his money on blank VHS tapes to tape it all for me, and it just snowballed and snowballed and made me in to the fan that I am today

ThatWeirdGuy: That sounds like an awesome memory and I think most people of our ages' first memories of wrestling involve Stone Cold in some capacity. And I guess in a way you owe a lot to your brother in that respect... any plans on paying him back?

Flux: I pay him back with my company and my mere presence... What more does he want?

ThatWeirdGuy: Haha. So what was it that made you want to change from just a fan to a booker?

Flux: I don't know really, I joined the forum just to keep up with dirtsheets and what have you. I noticed the BTB section and I began reading a handful of threads. With me being a disgruntled wrestling fan thinking he knows better than paid professionals, I thought "I can have a go at this. Screw you Vince Russo" and I just created a thread, which lasted a grand total of two days

ThatWeirdGuy: It was a start though.... but did you learn anything from that experience of just rushing into it? Or was it just wait thirty days and the same thing happened again?

Flux: Again and again and again and again and again. Probably due to my impatience and immaturity. I learnt very little the first few times round, and then it clicked that I might need to do some planning, preparation and research before I post the thread

ThatWeirdGuy: There we go. Some extremely sound advice for anyone planning on starting a thread to adhere to. As you just referred to, you had a few threads before your current one (which we will get to shortly), and these threads were all a mixture of WWE and TNA from various different time periods. Which of these time periods did you prefer booking the most?

Flux: Well I didn't really do a lot of BOOKING, because like I said, very little planning and prep was done and the threads didn't last long. But my go-to time period was 2004/2005, simply due to the depth of the rosters. Eddie, that guy that can't be named, Angle, Brock, Taker, HHH etc. and with the semi-realistic possibility of bringing in independent talent and TNA talent, it just seemed really appealing. A clash of characters, entertainers, personalities, performers and athletes. Everything was there to create a fun and entertaining product

ThatWeirdGuy: Indeed, I know what you mean, say bringing AJ Styles or Christopher Daniels to WWE in 2005 would be a lot more realistic than it would for any time in the past few years, say in a 2011 thread; which brings us smoothly onto your current project - WWE 2011: Success Is A Journey, Not A Destination! What was it that made you settle on 2011 WWE? Because I know that there are a couple of quality 2011 threads knocking about

Flux: Yeah I heard that some guy called Melvis has a decent'ish 2011 thread? But yeah... it was after I watched the Punk/Orton Wrestlemania 27 match that I realised that that match was the only good match on the card. I then thought why that was and how good it actually could have been and it was almost instinct to book that Wrestlemania myself, just for funsies... and then boom... I'm rebooking a show which could have been so much more with so many great talents, a show that didn't live up to expectations. On top of that, I don't have a project lined up and I really want to find a thread that I can stick to. It all just made sense

ThatWeirdGuy: Interesting, it sounds like you've got high hopes for this one then.

Flux: Yeah, I've definitely got high hopes for this one. Not to say that Wrestlemania is the final destination of the thread, because I would love to continue it post-Mania, but having that huge goal staring right in my face definitely gives me motivation to continue with the thread

ThatWeirdGuy: So what would you say the best part of doing this thread has been?

Flux: In terms of what is the best part, I don't know to be honest. I'm not exactly that far in to my thread so I can't say that I've enjoyed developing this guy's character and whatnot, but the planning has been a lot of fun. Exploring all of the different avenues and all of the different twists and turns that I can throw in later on down the line is has been fun, as well as challenging, and once again provides me with motivation to continue and reach the point where I can write out them twists and turns and garner a reaction from the readers

ThatWeirdGuy: As far as a reaction from myself as a reader goes, I have been enjoying all of it so far. I will say that Cody Rhodes is my favourite in the thread at the moment, just because of how well you have captured this Dashing gimmick; he amongst others I am sure you have huge plans for at Mania

Flux: Yeah, from the get-go I was excited to write Cody. I'm a huge fan of gimmicks and I hate all of this bland BS that we see a lot of the time, so I knew that I'd enjoy writing Cody and I'm glad that others enjoy reading his parts

ThatWeirdGuy: We do! I think it was on your most recent Smackdown where he was on The Cutting Edge that he properly turned my head; it was some brilliant stuff. So...um.... when are we going to see this Rumble up?

Flux: I've been really lazy and I still haven't got in to the swing of things since Christmas, what with going back to college and physio because of my ankle and whatever. But it will be here eventually, it won't take a year to get to one PPV like someone around here...

ThatWeirdGuy: Well I'll have you know that I postponed writing my second one JUST FOR THIS! But I will agree, I am in no position to judge people about that How is your ankle doing by the way?

Flux: Aww well aren't you cute. Haha, the ankle is fine... I've ditched the crutches even though the doctor says I need them, they're the most annoying thing ever -______-. But it's healing up well, I kicked a ball for the first time last week, it felt amazing

HIAC asap as well, please.

ThatWeirdGuy: That's good to hear mate! Still not kicked a ball after hurting my knee in October :/ And it shouldn't be TOO long Right, we briefly mentioned it earlier, but I'm talk to you about the Tournament that just finished up, where you of course came in a very respectable 3rd place. Did you think at the start that you were going to get that far, to the final?

Flux: Not at all, I signed up because Jam goaded me in to it I thought I'd probably qualify and possibly make it in to the second round, but not all the way to the final, not a chance.

ThatWeirdGuy: the cheeky bugger. Though saying that, it was a good thing he did, because what we saw was some inspirational work. The highlight for me had to be the Finlay/Paul London match in the Head to Head round, what was yours?

Flux: I'd probably say the Finlay/London match as well. It's a match I've wanted to write for a long time and the opportunity was there to write it. I'm a big fan of both guys so not only did I know what I was writing and I knew their moves and whatever, I enjoyed writing it as well, which can make all the difference. You can tell if someone enjoyed writing something or not based on the end product.

Definitely the best match I've written in BTB so far, and I might even say that the Kane/Lita segment I wrote in the round after that was possibly the best segment I've written in BTB

It was in fact my entry for the final round that I was least pleased with

ThatWeirdGuy: I wouldn't be too hard on yourself mate, the backstory for the Roode/Storm match was a very fun read, as was the match... stop being silly! What was it like though, knowing that you were up against 619 and Melvis?

Flux: As it got closer to the finals, my goal was to prevent the predicted finals of 619 vs Melvis, this was before I knew that the finals would be a 3-way. So when I found out it was a three way and it involved me, 619 and Melvis I thought that I don't have anything left to prove and it doesn't matter if I come 1st, 2nd or 3rd, I've already showcased my ability and potential as a booker and a writer

ThatWeirdGuy: I think everyone else wanted to ruin the dream match good job So would you say that your experiences in the tournament have better equipped you for when you are writing your thread? If so, in what way/ways?

Flux: I don't know about better equipping me, but it sure has given me a confidence boost and a bigger desire to improve and to prove that the tournament wasn't a fluke or whatever and I can produce good quality stuff on a regular basis for a sustained period of time

ThatWeirdGuy: I'm sure it will bud. Right one more before the Name Associations What is your favourite part about BTB?

Flux: I like the way that you can express yourself creatively through an outlet that we enjoy, whilst being able to gain feedback on your creativity and ability. It's as simple as that

ThatWeirdGuy: Short but swet. I like it. Now it is time for the juicy part... NAME ASSOCIATIONS~! We will kick off with our brand new King, 619IDH.

Flux: 619... Definitely deserving of the crown, in my opinion. I've been a bit of a loser in terms of following his thread and keeping up to date, but when I do it's always fantastic. Very talented and one of the elite bookers and writers in the section, without a doubt

ThatWeirdGuy: I've said it before and I'll say it again, AOW is my favourite thread in the section (and no I'm not sucking up) Right, onto your's and 619's fellow finalist, Melvis.

Flux: Oh how I wish he posted more consistently because all of his shows that I've read have been top-notch. Also deserves praise for the depth and the content of his feedback. I've seen him dish it out to yourself as well as Coolquip I believe, and it was the kind of feedback anybody would want. Great writer, great booker, great feedbacker.

ThatWeirdGuy: I'm obliged to agree haha, it was really helpful (Thanks again, Melvis) Let's go with Wolf Beast next.

Flux: The GOAT, in my opinion. Whether you think it's because of how long his therad has lasted, whether it is down to the booking, whether it is down to the writing or any three combined - He is the best this forum has ever seen. There's not much else to say.

ThatWeirdGuy: Amen. Okay, another cornerstone of BTB on this forum, Nige.

Flux: I've never spoke to him and I can't realy remember him talking a lot in the discussion thread or feedbacking, he just does his own thing which is fair enough. For whatever reason, I can't really get in to his thread and I can't pinpoint a reason why so I can't realy comment on the content of his thread, but for a thread to last as long as his has, it takes motivation and commitment and for that, he deserves a hell of a lot of praise

ThatWeirdGuy: True Dat. iMac.

Flux: the MVP of 2012, in my opinion. Consistent, top quality shows with everything you'd want from a wrestling product, topped off with a phenomenal Wrestlemania whilst continuing to improve and upping his game

ThatWeirdGuy: Next up, the saviour of the tournament, the Moderate of Marvel himself, Brye.

Flux: I see him posting a lot in the DVD/Match thread in the WWE section, and I believe I share a lot of his opinions and tastes in terms of wrestling. In terms of BTB, I have very little to say to be honest, other than he deserves huuuuuuge props for saving the tournament

ThatWeirdGuy: The only thread I can recall him doing is his partner thread with Bad Guy, so whilst we are on the topic of TBG, let's go with him. That Guy, as he is now known.

Flux: Probably the only guy from the "older generation" that I've spoken to. He's given some pretty sound advice that I still use to this day, so I'm thankful for that. If I'm not mistake he's had his fair share of threads as well so I hope this 2003 thread sticks for him because not only do I love that time period but I'd like to be able to become invested in one of his projects

ThatWeirdGuy: Kintaro.

Flux: The definition of underrated. I wish I was familiar with 1995 WWF because I'd love to be able to stick to the thread, as I was too ignorant to check out his 04 thread at the time of him posting in it. I'd love to see him possibly transition in to full shows, but I understand if he couldn't do that. Needs more love

ThatWeirdGuy: I've always read his stuff, and I was a bit gutted when the 04 thread came to an end. Right, you know exactly the bunch of guys I've been saving for last. We shall start with... Calum/C3K

Flux: Out of "the bunch" he's the guy I speak least to for reasons I don't quite know. He's a City fan so he gets points for that straight away, but from what I've read he's a good booker. I need to get in to his thread more, especially with Matt Hardy as champion - thank god someone had the balls to do that, as well - I can't fault him in any way, to be honest

ThatWeirdGuy: He'd hold it against you forever if you did fault him... but that is impossible anyway. My first interviewee next, cp954

Flux: Real nice guy with a great mind for this BTB shizz. Has improved leaps and bounds since his thread started and if he continues to improve at the rate he has been doing, this time next year he could be a cornerstone of the section - That's if he isn't already. Extremely consistent and very talented, as well as being a cool guy

ThatWeirdGuy: One of the coolest guys I've ever spoke to fo' shizzle. Now, this is probably the one you've been waiting for Jamjam22

Flux: What I said about Wolfy being GOAT... I lied I'm joking. Infact, Jam is probably the guy that has helped me the most. We bounce ideas off of each other quite a lot and there was a period last year where I was helping him a lot in terms of developing feuds and building characters, and helping him helped me realise what I was doing wrong and what I needed to do to improve as well, so I've gotta thank him for that. In terms of his booking and writing, I can't really say. His Xplosion thing he had going on had a boat load of potential and realy could have helped him grow, it's a shame that that didn't last longer than it did. He needs to get his new thread up, and he needs to GIVE MOAR FEEDBACK DAMMIT

ThatWeirdGuy: He's been slacking. Couple left now.... ThatWeirdGuy.

Flux: This is where that bribe money you gave me comes in doesn't it?

ThatWeirdGuy: Yes.

Flux: Very cool guy with a good mind for booking. Has improved a shit load over the past year and showing no signs of not-improving. Carrying on the way you are, in a few months - a years time you could very well a cornerstone of the section and could be providing one of the best threads in the section, very easily. Not even begun to reach their full potential yet

ThatWeirdGuy: Oh stop it you! thanks man And finally... FluxCapacitor

Flux: Ermm... Still new to this whole dealio, but has a lot of potential and is one to look out for over the course of the next year or so

ThatWeirdGuy: I can agree with that mate, which links us very nicely onto our final question; what can we expect from Mr Capacitor in 2013?

Flux: Hopefully a plethora of entertaining shows, story arcs and character developments, as well as slowly rising and making my way up the ranks of the BTB ladder

ThatWeirdGuy: I, for one, am very much looking forward to seeing that happen! I am afraid that is all we have time for folks! So it is a bye from me...

Flux: Bye from me

ThatWeirdGuy: I'm sure I'll be back again for another one of these soon, so until then everyone go and check out Flux's thread (I'll link it below) and his excellent work in the tournament, and be sure to enjoy the rest of the Newsletter! See ya!

There it is, guys. This was a lot of fun to do because Flux is a cool guy. Please do him a favour and check out his thread;

WWE 2011: Success Is A Journey, Not A Destination

See ya!


The General Consensus

As did Hulky the last time this thing was put up, this is a little blurb section where a few select bookers get to answer a set of questions regarding 2012 and 2013.

And yes, they are the same questions from two years ago. Bite me.

“What are your general thoughts about the BTB section in 2012?”

Flux: In all honesty, I think it hasn't been all that bad. However, I cannot compare it to any other year seeing as this was the first full year that I've been an active member of the BTB section. There's not such thing as "too much" activity in this section, so obviously things could improve but I presume that the section has had much worse years. I personally think this year has been a huge year for the "midcarders" - CP, TWG, C3K, myself, Baldwin/Bagwell/Tree Bag and the like. Add a lot of great stuff from more established bookers such as 619, Melvis and iMac and I don't think this year has been as bad as some may think but like I said, I cannot compare to anything else.

ThatWeirdGuy: That's going back into the ol' memory reserves a little bit... but I think as a whole it has been a good year overall for BTB. There were occasions where I think that the section 'dried up' a little bit as it was coming off a pretty substandard 2011 in my opinion, but overall the quality of the work put out there by most bookers more than made up for it.

The defining moments in the section for me were just the EPIC PPVs that were put out there, with Wolf Beast's Summerslam being easily the best work I've seen in the almost two years I've been booking on here. The other shows like iMac's Wrestlemania, Melvis with Extreme Rules, 619 with World Ablaze, A Very Merry War & the various other Supershows in AOW, CP's Summerslam; there are probably others but those are all the shows that mainly stand out to me as being the best work this year.

Cp954: Hit and miss. Some really strong threads in the section but it's been fairly slow going while others have shown real potential but fizzled out.

iMac: To sum it up in a word, I’d say solid. We’ve had some threads that have been really consistent in terms of both quality and quantity, and it’s always nice to know that whenever you dip into the section you’ll always be able to find something good to read. There’s obviously been some highlights, such as Wolf Beast’s SummerSlam and the return of Szumi, and some lows, such as the loss of Legend. But yeah, overall, a solid year.

“What did you find was the best aspect of BTB in 2012?”

Flux: Consistency from a handful of great bookers, as well as a load of top quality PPVs - Wolfy's Summerslam, Melvis' Extreme Rules, 619's Supershows, iMac's Mania, CP's Summerslam and TWG's Night Of Champions to name the standouts.

ThatWeirdGuy: Aside from the aforementioned quality of the work being put out there and the relentless Jam-bashing in the second half of the year mainly : I think the best part of BTB in 2012 was just the range of talents on display. The more experienced bookers still being active (Wolf Beast, Szumi, Melvis, 619 and iMac come to mind) and those names being integrated with the newer bookers that were/are still coming into their own (CP, Calum, Flux, Coolquip and I think I could even include myself in there), and seeing that we are getting a good amount of quality threads being consistently posted in and improving still is a very good sign.

For me personally, just getting a few of the guys in the same boat as myself on MSN was one of my favourite parts of BTB, purely because I feel it has helped my knowledge of booking improve tenfold, just hearing others' opinions on my ideas.

Also getting another mod was huge for the section; Brye you are amazing.

Cp954: I'd say the quality of PPVs produced. I think Melvis had an awesome Extreme Rules. iMac produced an excellent Mania and 619 have produced several incredible events. Then there was Wolfy's Summerslam to boot. Very high standard stuff all round.

iMac: The fact that Wolf Beast reviewed one of my shows? It was nice to see certain guys who have a history for starting threads and dropping them just as fast finally stick to a thread and develop it long term. Seems a few guys out there are now starting to mature as bookers, which is always nice to see.

“What would you like to see improve in the BTB Section in 2013?”

: Easy - more interaction between the different levels of bookers per se. Example being, I can remember not so long ago that Melvis gave some feedback to Coolquip (?) who was (and still is, I feel) a newer booker. Melvis went in to so much detail with his feedback and it may have seemed as if he was just slating him just for the sake of it, but it all made sense and if Coolquip knew what was best for his progression, he would have taken what Melvis said on board and used it to improve. I'm not expecting everyone to feedback every single show, all I'm saying is that the easiest way to improve is by getting feedback from the people that read. The more critical the better and that goes without saying. So yeah, more interaction between different bookers, whether you speak to them or not.

ThatWeirdGuy: In terms of improvements to the section, I think that all I could ask for is just more 'extra-curricular' stuff in terms of say Interviews, Awards, Tournaments or even that NXT idea that was floated around or something like that. But of course for the interviews, I think everyone worthy of one has had one so we might be stuck in a rut there : But yeah, to become more of a community would be cool, but that is something that has improved a lot recently.

And Melvis post more

Cp954: Just the general activity. It seems, especially towards the end of the year, that there's only really one or two good shows popping up every few weeks. The rest of the time, it's just waiting around really. Would also like to see some longevity, people sticking to a thread and making it work rather than floating round with thread after thread.

iMac: If there’s any kind of tournament in 2013, I hope we get one that finally manages to avoid all the crap involved with people disappearing and not living up to their obligations.

“What do you personally want to achieve in BTB in 2013?”

Flux: First and foremost, I want to get in to the habit of dropping feedback a lot more. It would be extremely critical to ask for more interaction between the members of the section and then not do so myself, so that will definitely be something for me to work on. In terms of my thread - It goes without saying that I want my current thread to be the one that I stick to. Should I stick to this thread, then I feel a realistic yet challenging target would possibly to reach Wrestlemania, or at least be very close to doing so. Oh and I think it goes without saying that I want to improve as a booker and a writer, and for the improvement to be clearly evident - But that is something every booker should be looking to achieve.

ThatWeirdGuy: Personally, I was to just do it more. I feel that 2012 has been a huge year for me in BTB; first PPV out of the way, 100 replies and just a lot of improvement in my abilities after I took a little break from it. I think that saying I want to get to Survivor Series by the end of 2013 is a reasonable target, but my original target for that was February 2012 : I just want to keep getting better and carry on enjoying Pushing the Boundaries


Cp954: I've got two PPVs in Unforgiven and No Mercy that I wanna get through ASAP with Survivor Series being my main goal. If I can get that up by the end of the year I'll be happy, whilst hopefully going even beyond that.

iMac: I need to be much more consistent in posting shows. Apart from that, just need to keep on striving for bigger and better. Making it to SummerSlam would be nice though.

“What ‘event’ from a booker are you most looking forward to in 2013?”

Flux: In all honesty, anything. If people give me a reason to care and a reason to read, then I'll look forward to it. I don't want to say now because who says someone isn't going to come in to the section mid-march and tear it up and write a killer PPV? Who says that two, three or even four people won't do that. But yeah, just for the sake of the question - TWG's HIAC and Survivor Series, iMac's Backlash and Judgement Day, anything CP-related. Everything else I have to kind of catch up with, sorry guyz.

ThatWeirdGuy: There are a few well my own Hell in a Cell is something I am really looking forward to. If Wolfy can make it to Cyber Sunday it would be huge, as with Melvis and Over the Limit (I hold little hope ) Flux has a Royal Rumble coming up; the matches for that show look pretty tasty, with Miz/Orton, Edge/Rhodes and the Rumble Match itself. CP should beat me to Survivor Series and from what he has told me he is stoked for that show, so it has no comparison to how much I will be waiting for it : This is Exile is going to be huge for 619; dat War Chamber. Also Jam sticking to a bloody thread would be marvelous

Cp954: Hmmm, tough to say exactly what event as you never know who's gonna make it to what point. I'll just say that I'm looking forward to all offerings from the main guys around here, Melvis, iMac, 619, and Wolfy. Think it could be a strong year for breakout guys too, Flux's Mania if he reaches it will be awesome while TWG's thread will pick up steam and hopefully one or two more, C3K, Bagwell and the like. Lots to look forward to.

iMac: Does the tournament finally making it to it’s final count? In all seriousness, a certain This Is Exile should be a top read, and I’m gonna assume Nige will make it to WrestleMania, so that’ll be good too.


The 2012 BTB End of Year Awards

This is probably the part you’ve all been waiting for. Kudos goes out to everyone that voted; you have no idea how much I appreciate your participation. I honestly wish I had gotten more in, but no matter the number, I think it’s great that you guys wanted to give this a go this year. KIRBY!! The envelope please!! And your Awards go to…

Best BTB Of The Year
2) Being the Booker (One Vote)
1) Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling – The Greatest Affair (Four Votes)
1) WWE: The Evolution of Greed (Four Votes)

Best Match Of The Year
3) Christian vs. Umaga – Summerslam – Wolf Beast (One Vote)
3) Christian vs. Bobby Lashley – World Ablaze – 619IDH (One Vote)
3) Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio – Summerslam – Wolf Beast (One Vote)
3) The Royal Rumble Match – Royal Rumble – Nige (One Vote)
2) Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels – A Very Merry War – 619IDH (Two Votes)
1) Batista vs. Edge – Wrestlemania 23 – iMac (Three Votes)

Best Promo Of The Year
2) CM Punk crashes The Rock’s birthday – Melvis (Two Votes)
1) Shawn Michaels’ sit down interview before Backlash – iMac (Seven Votes)

Best PPV of The Year
2) Wrestlemania 23 – iMac (Two Votes)
1) Summerslam – Wolf Beast (Seven Votes)

Best Individual Show Of The Year (non-PPV)
1) A Very Merry War – 619IDH (Nine Votes)


Best Booker
2) Wolf Beast (Three Votes)
1) iMac (Six Votes)

Breakout Booker
2) FluxCapacitor (One Vote)
2) ThatWeirdGuy (One Vote)
1) cp954 (Seven Votes)

Most Improved Booker
3) FluxCapacitor (One Vote)
3) Nige (One Vote)
2) ThatWeirdGuy (Three Votes)
1) cp954 (Four Votes)

Most Underrated Booker
3) Coolquip (One Vote)
2) greasy_chip_butty (Two Votes)
1) Kintaro (Three Votes)
1) ThatWeirdGuy (Three Votes)

Best Match Writer
3) Wolf Beast (Two Votes)
2) 619IDH (Three Votes)
1) Melvis (Four Votes)

Best Promo Writer
3) 619IDH (One Vote)
3) Wolf Beast (One Vote)
2) Legend (Three Votes)
1) iMac (Four Votes)

Most Creative
1) 619IDH (Nine Votes)

Most Inspirational
3) KING (One Vote)
2) 619IDH (Two Votes)
1) Wolf Beast (Six Votes)

Best Reviewer
3) iMac (One Vote)
3) JamJam22 (One Vote)
3) KING (One Vote)
2) cp954 (Two Votes)
1) Melvis (Four Votes)


Best Used Character Of The Year
3) Rob Van Dam/Rob Szatowski – 619IDH (One Vote)
3) Shawn Michaels – Legend (One Vote)
2) Christian Cage – 619IDH (Two Votes)
1) Shawn Michaels – iMac (Three Votes)
1) Chris Jericho – 619IDH (Three Votes)

Best Feud Of The Year
2) Rey Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle – Wolf Beast (Two Votes)
2) Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H – iMac (Two Votes)
2) Christian vs. Umaga – Wolf Beast (Two Votes)
1) Shawn Michaels vs. Eric Bischoff – cp954 (Three Votes)


Biggest Shock
3) Christian trumps Umaga – Wolf Beast (Two Votes)
2) Szumi returns…TWICE~!! (Three Votes)
1) Christian/Lashley double turn – 619IDH (Four Votes)

Biggest Disappointment
2) KingRo dropping and dragging out the KotBTB Tournament (Four Votes)
1) Legend disappearing (Five Votes)

Funniest BTB Moment of The Year
2) The rise of JamJam (Two Votes)
2) AMW’s time off videos – Wolf Beast (Two Votes)
1) The Joshua Rolsten Chronicles (Five Votes)

Greatest BTB Moment of The Year
2) RVD winning the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania (One Vote)
1) The spectacle that was Wolfy’s Summerslam, capped off by Christian vs. Umaga (Four Votes)
1) Szumi returns (and stays) (Four Votes)

….aaaaand that’s a wrap. Big ups to Weird Guy and Fluxy for stepping in when I really needed them, Brye for being an awesome Mod in general and giving me the green light for this, and of course Melvis because without his help, I would've never been able to bear the brunt of this and get it done. I’d like to thank everyone who even offered to help contribute to this (that means you, KING), and congrats to all the Award winners. There’s quite few ties, but I suppose we all have to learn to share some time. Hope this helps set a good tone for the new year, even if it’s a little bit late.
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