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Re: New data suggests that marijuana has dangerous effects on teens

I smoked a little when I was a kid and now will not smoke it because it is illegal. If it became legal here I would light up and treat it like I treat alcohol. I drink at most once a week and never to the point of getting shit faced, I might do that once in a blue moon. I used to smoke about a pack and a half a week of cigarettes but quit cold turkey no problem, only cause it was getting to expensive. If your will power is strong you can overcome any addiction.

Its funny how people toss around that pot is not addictive, but tell the habitual smokers to stop for more than a couple weeks, and they'll be jonesing bad for a toke. Pot is a mind altering substance, it may not be addictive in a sense of caffeine or nicotine but people feel the need to smoke it. People like the mood it puts them in and the urge to feel that way is the addictive. There are people who are "addicted" to chewing their finger nails, we can all agree that there are no addictive properties but the act of chewing their nails may put them at ease and relieve anxiety, and that's why they do it. That's how I see people "addicted" to pot.

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